My 3D CAS Ultrasound Experience at MDCare OB-GYN Ultrasound Clinic

Great day mommies!  Not so long ago, I shared a List of 3D Ultrasound Clinics in Metro Manila ( at least near where I live ) which offer  3...

Great day mommies!  Not so long ago, I shared a List of 3D Ultrasound Clinics in Metro Manila (at least near where I live) which offer 3D Congenital Anomaly Scan (CAS).  I researched and called these clinics one by one to ask if they offer a package and if not, the individual prices for the CAS and the 3D Ultrasound.

In my search of getting the most practical (spell S-U-L-I-T, add Super right before it pa!) package, hubby and I decided to have it done at MDCare OB-GYN Ultrasound Clinic, located at E. Rodriguez Sr., Ave., QC (just right in front of St. Luke's Medical Center.)
Why?  Because:
1) It offers a package for the tests I need (CAS and Pelvic Ultrasound in 3D);
2) It's the least expensive rate compared to other clinics (Only Php 3,000.00 for both);
3) Its package already saves 3D photos in a CD, with a promise of AT LEAST 10 photos; and
4) It's accessible by transportation and if you bring a car, parking is available.

Here's a quick tour of their clean, dim-lighted (which gave its guests a relaxing and comfortable ambiance), and less crowded clinic:

There were just a few of us when I went there on a weekend at around 2 pm.
Waiting area with comfortable couches, reading materials and a TV on local channel, Eat Bulaga to be exact. :)
These are the ultrasound or check-up rooms of MDCare OB-GYB Ultrasound Clinic
The friendly receptionist who answers all inquiries, schedules patients' visits, and calls for results pick-up.
We were watching Eat Bulaga that time, see there were just a few of us! :)
The Ultrasound machine.  I'm amazed at how technology could touch any mama's heart by the sight of their babies!
MDCare is on a first-come, first-served queuing, but I still called anyway before going there, just to set my expectations if I'm going to have a long or a short wait until my turn.  Luckily, upon arrival, I was third from the one already inside the room.

I read that before going to have a 3D Ultrasound, the pregnant mommah should eat something (I chose to eat something sweet, a bar of chocolate) to ensure that the baby's awake or active at the time of the ultrasound.  The ideal gestation stage of the baby for 3D/4D is between 28 - 32 weeks.  I was praying hard that our baby boy would be awake and cooperative when it's my turn.  My bar of chocolate was effective indeed!  Here are the 3D photos of our baby which I couldn't help myself stare at since I received them.  You couldn't blame me because like what I said, it was my first 3D Ultrasound experience and the feeling of seeing his face clearly and his activities inside my preggy belly are just way too overwhelming.  Here are his photos:
Yawning little baby, sleeping na nga still sleepy pa rin!  Hahaha!
Sleeping baby... zzzz...
What a mighty rawr.. I mean yawn that I could see his tongue too!
My baby love opened his beautiful eyes!!!!
Sleeping again but with his tongue out saying BEHLAT!  Hehehe!
As if saying enough viewing MOM!!! Time for me to sleep again please?!  He covered his face with his perfectly formed hands and little fingers.  Every baby is indeed a miracle!
After my ultrasound session, I waited for only five (5) minutes to get the CAS result which showed us that baby's estimated fetal weight at 29 weeks is at 3lbs and 1oz, just right for his age as per the OB-GYN Ultrasonologist.  His results also showed that he's already in cephalic presentation, meaning head is positioned downwards already, prepared for childbirth.  No deformities, organs and body parts are complete and no gross congenital anomalies at the time of scan.  My husband and I are relieved and gald about baby's results.  So kahit na bed rest ako for almost two months already, it's all for baby's health, it's all worth our sacrifices.

I was told by the clinic to come back after three working days to get the CD of AT LEAST 10 photos of the 3D ultrasound saved in CD.  Hubby went back for the CD and he got two (2) 4R printed photos and the CD containing not 10, not 50, not 100, not 150, but 185 photos of my cooperative and camera-ready baby boy!!!!  I really cried when we saw all the photos of our baby, that when viewed chronologically, it would look like moving pictures, like a video!

With this great experience from having my 3D CAS Ultrasound from MDCare OB-GYN Ultrasound Clinic, I highly recommend them to pregnant mommies out there.  The receptionist is friendly and efficient, the clinic itself is well-maintained and has proper air-conditioning (ang mga buntis pa naman especially summer mainitin), the releasing of the CAS result is pretty fast, and best of all, hindi tipid sa 3D photos of your baby, especially if your baby is awake, moving and very cooperative during the scan session.  But don't worry, if the clinic wasn't able to get good photos or let's say your baby wasn't facing the scanner, you could come back some other day to redo the 3D ultrasound at no extra cost.  What got me really was they really care for the mothers by giving results which touch the core, the very heart.  These may be just photos to some, but for an expecting mother, these photos are priceless!  

MDCare OB-GYN Ultrasound Clinic
Rm. 207 Dona Anita Bldg. E.Rodriguez Ave, Quezon City, Philippines
(MDCare has another branch located at Fishermall Quezon Ave.
Contact Nos.:(02)7240583 / 668-1843 /294-3730  

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