Supporting Wes At Play with Disney Junior's Animate Your Imagination

I have a very imaginative and playful second son.  His name is Wes.  At his current age of five, he recently discovered his love for drawing...

I have a very imaginative and playful second son.  His name is Wes.  At his current age of five, he recently discovered his love for drawing and coloring.  He may be a late bloomer for some because I see other kids indulge in the art as early as two, but I didn't mind that mine was more fascinated with running around, playing with toys, exploring his surroundings, and laughing out loud each time.  As long as he's happy.  I am happy.

Lately, when he plays with his toys, he talks by himself.  He imagines he is the character of his toys in this made-up world.  The current favorite character he plays is a friendly pirate boy.  As I quietly watch him have fun during play, I realize that we're raising a creative boy and that we should support and not discourage him.  He channels his imagination through play, drawing and coloring too.

How do we support him?  By giving him the right tools like his own table, drawing book, loose pieces of paper, pencil, coloring materials like paint or crayons, and even stamps.  My husband and I have our own working tables, his older brother have his own study table, which means, Wes should have his own corner too!  This is where he enters a new world, he draws, he colors, he writes, and paints.
His latest work of art is this pirate.  Do you recognize him?  Nope, that's not Jake, that's Wes, according to him.

He said, "I am the friendly pirate boy.  I'll cross the ocean riding this ship and fight other bad pirates!  You know what I'll do?"

I asked, "What?"

"I'll let them swim and be chased by the alligators, bring back the treasure and give it to the poor!  I'll save everyone!  I'll win the pirate battle!"

Then, he continued with his play and acted as if I wasn't around anymore.

You know who else is supportive of our children's imaginations?  Disney Junior!  Right!  That's why, they came up with Animate Your Imagination where it aims to bring our children's stories to life!
My son would surely be thrilled to know that his imaginative pirate play could come to life through Disney Junior's Animate Your Imagination.  If your child also has a big imagination with a tale to tell, using or creating stories about Princesses, Pirates, and Space Adventure, then capture a photo or a video of your child during his imaginative play and submit them to Disney Junior Asia.

Three magical and creative stories will be chosen to come to life.  Who knows, our children's stories may be one of them!  Just visit where you could submit your child's entry.  Make sure though that you submit on or before June 12, 2016!

Disney Junior is on Facebook:
#disneyjuniorasia #animateyourimagination

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