My Surprise Baby Shower and Baby Shower Games

After coming home from my OB check-up two weeks ago, I was told that my cervix is already 1cm dilated.  Wait, what?  Manganganak na ako soon...

After coming home from my OB check-up two weeks ago, I was told that my cervix is already 1cm dilated.  Wait, what?  Manganganak na ako soon?  NO.  Hindi pa pwede as per my OB.  I still have until June 8 to be cleared na okay, GO pwede na anytime.  So this means that I still have to be more careful, that my bed rest will be extended until June 13, and that I cannot be stressed or emotionally affected.  In short, deadmatic to the world.

That same day, hubby booked us a suite at Serenity Suites of Best Western Plus Antel Hotel for a quick R&R.  We were supposed to be with the kids, but my older one just had his circumcision that morning and the little one has an ear infection.  We decided to just staycation by ourselves.

Super dami niyang arte why we couldn't leave earlier for check-in.  He said he was tired and he's hungry, etc. parang siya yung buntis.  Yun pala, he was stalling me so that our friends could check-in ahead of us and set up the room.  May plano pa lang surprise si husband.

We left the house at around 4pm na and I really wanted to rest na lang sana.  So when we went up the room, ito ang bumulaga sa akin - SURPRISE!!!!  I have a surprise Baby Shower organized by my husband!

Ang cute, the room was set up with buntings, printed maternity photoshoot photos and 3D ultrasound photo of our baby boy, gifts, game prizes, baloons, and also give-aways.  Halata ko namang pinaghandaan nang bongga.  Sa super touched and surprise ko, feeling ko from 1cm cervix dilation, naging 2cm na! :)
Seriously, I was surprised and really happy with all the effort my husband and friends went through to welcome our baby boy #3! :)  But that was just the appetizer!
We ordered food to keep everyone full before the more exciting part of the shower began.
A thoughtful gift from Jeoff Solas of Best Western Plus Antel Hotel was brought in. 
What made it all the more exciting and fun were the games after.  So let me share with you some Baby Shower Games which you could do for a friend or relative if ever you organize one. :)

Baby Shower Games:
1.  Draw A Baby's Face - All the participants in the room were given a blank piece of paper and a colored pen.  The participant should place the paper on his/her face.  He/She should draw a baby's face without looking.  The best drawing, to be judged by the preggy mommah shall win.
Items needed: Paper, pen/pencil/crayon, and creativity.

 2. Trivia Game - Facilitator or the Game Master shall ask all participants series of questions related to the preggy momma's pregnancy journey.  Questions could go from simple to complicated to wild!  Participant with the most correct answers wins!
Items needed: Paper and writing material.

3. Guess The Preggy Tummy's Size - With a string, a ribbon, or in our case, a tissue roll, each participant will try to guess the size of the preggy mommah's tummy.  Participant will get a piece of string/ribbon/tissue and cut it at a length which he/she thinks is the size of the preggy tummy's circumference.  Once everyone has their guesses, preggy mommah will put around her tummy the strings of each.  The closest measurement or one with the slightest error wins the game.
Items needed: String, ribbon, rissue roll and scissors.
4.  Songs with word BABY in title or lyrics - One of the most fun games you could have in a Baby Shower because everybody wants to sing. Music also bonds everyone.  The group was divided to two.  It was a Boys vs. Girls competition.  The game master gave each team 3 minutes to list down songs with the word BABY in the title or lyrics. When time's up, each team will have a showdown and sing the songs on their list.  The team with the most number of songs wins the game.
Items needed: Paper, pen, and vocal chords.
5.  Baby Items List - The group was again divided into two, Team A and Team B.  The game master will ask each team to list as many baby items as they can and the group with the most number of unique items wins.  Items such as contrapelo bracelet, alcamforado, aceite de manzanilla and also a Yaya,  :)
Items needed: Paper and pen.

Just want to share two videos which showed how much fun my family and friends had during their surprise baby shower for me.  After the surprise.. naghahanap na ng susunod na mabubuntis at mag-baby shower games daw ulit, pero dapat next level na.  hahaha! :)

To my family and friends, THANK YOU SO MUCH from the bottom of my heart for the surprise baby shower, for taking time to decorate the room, for all the effort you did to prepare for this, for conniving with the mastermind, my husband Macky, for your thoughtful gifts, for the fun that night, and most of all, for welcoming our baby boy #3!  You truly made my cervix open a little bit more that day, and I wouldn't forget it!  Buti hindi nag-leak ang water ko!
To my husband Macky, thank you most especially for going the extra mile in showing me how special, how important, and how much you love me!  Super cheesy na to which I know you're nor really comfortable with, but I want you to know, that I do appreciate everything you've been doing for me, all the sacrifices, patience, and understanding you've extended to me.  I truly love you with all my heart!  You're the best mahal!  Thank you so much! :)

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  1. Mukhang ang saya saya! Have a safe delivery soon!

  2. Wow, super sweet ni husband and I loved the games kakatuwa have a safe delivery and God bless


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