My 10 Breastfeeding Essentials

Hello there mommy!  I have great news to tell you!  I've been exclusively breastfeeding my dear Damien for 53 days already!  I know that...

Hello there mommy!  I have great news to tell you!  I've been exclusively breastfeeding my dear Damien for 53 days already!  I know that's still nothing compared to other super mommies who have been breastfeeding their child/children for years.  But for me, it's definitely an achievement because I wasn't able to do this for my first two sons.

Since the time I've written about my breastfeeding experience (which you could read HERE) I've improved a lot.  My breasts don't get sore nor crack and they don't hurt anymore when baby latches.  Based on continuous consultation and reading, baby and I finally got the rhythm.  Teamwork baby! :)

This time, I'm sharing my breastfeeding partners which make feeding easier or lighter for both of us.

Nursing Pillow, Nursing Top, Nursing Bandeau, Nursing Cover, Breast Milk Storage Bags, and Nipple Cream
1.  Nursing Pillow - I couldn't stress how important this item is for me.  The pillow support the weight of my baby when I carry him during our feeding session.  I have this in the room and I also bring it in the car when we go out with him.
2.  Nursing Tops or Dresses - It's an easy access to any one (or both, if you have twins) of your breasts for the baby when he demands to be fed without exposing too much skin.  I love that nursing tops nowadays could be fashionable.  I bought mine online through Elin and Tiny Tots.  I also bought a few well-loved nursing clothes online.
3.  Nursing Bra - What a relief to be born in this day and age!  Thanks to nursing bras breastfeeding (especially in public) is as easy as 1-2-3.  Just lift (if using a nursing bandeau) or unhook the pad to access baby's source of food in an instant.  I bought from Tiny Tots, Coobie, and So-En.

4.  Nursing Cover - I actually could breastfeed in public even without a cover because my nursing tops do not expose my boobs.  But my conservative husband wants me to use a cover because my breasts are for his (and baby's) eyes only.  Hihi! :)  I bought mine from Next9.
5.  Breast Cream - When my nipples used to get sore and cracked (now I realize because it was due to wrong latch), I used Lansinoh Lanolin Cream to sooth and protect my nipples.  But with the corrected latch, I don't use it any more.
6.  A reliable breast pump - Manual or electric it's up to you.  But I prefer an electric pump.  My hands get tired easily so manual is a no for me.  I bought a single pump but I plan to upgrade it to double electric pump to save time.  I bought The First Years brand in the mall, it's working pretty well for me.  Hubby was the one who bought it urgently after coming home from the hospital without our baby.  Of course I couldn't expect him to be breast pump brand expert.  So he bought what's on my specification list and what fits his budget at that time. But there are other brands to consider like Medela, Spectra, Philips Avent and Pigeon, to name a few.
7.  Breast pads/shields - There may be days that our boobies may leak, (it's a signal baby needs us) these breast pads or shields protect our clothes from getting wet due to the leakage.  It saves us from an embarassing situation when we're away from home.
8.  Breast milk containers/storage bags/storage bottles - If you pump milk and store them in the refrigerator or freezer, you would definitely need these.  I have already started storing my breast milk in the freezer and I pour my expressed milk in these sterile containers you could buy in the baby section of malls, online or in Parenting Emporium.
9.  Lactation Supplements/Cookies/Treats - If you want to be healthier and produce more quality milk, malunggay capsules and lactation cookies/treats will help you achieve that.  I take Malunggay capsules and have tried the lactation cookies from Mommy Treats.
10. Insulated bag with ice packs - I'll be coming back to work soon with my breast pump and storage bags.  I will definitely need an insulated bag for my expressed milk to avoid spoiling during my travel going home.

So there goes my list mommies.  If you have other breastfeeding partners, do share in the comment section below.  Let me lend this post with a photo of my milk-drunk baby Damien. :)  Happy breastfeeding loves! :)

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  1. Congratulations! The first few weeks and months are the most difficult. Once you survive that or get past those months, it would be easier to breastfeed. I hope you get to breastfeed much longer because that would mean more benefits for you and your child. :)

  2. Hello Teresa! Thank you so much for your kind words! It's really encouraging. Hope to see you again soon! Take care!

  3. anna lechadores robellesSeptember 15, 2016 at 11:08 AM

    another a must to read for breastfeeding mom like me. Miss Louise san mo nabili ang Insulated bag with ice packs? I am travelling from Ortigas to Quezon city everyday I think I need it to secure my expressed milk.


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