4 Things We Like About BIG Ball Pit By Fun Ranch

Christmas season isn't over yet for sure especially for working moms and dads who filed their leaves from work to enjoy the holiday with...

Christmas season isn't over yet for sure especially for working moms and dads who filed their leaves from work to enjoy the holiday with their kids.  And to you (yes you who's on leave and enjoying your time with the kids) I've got an idea where to bring your family for a unique kind of fun.

Bring them to Fun Ranch in Ortigas where the BIGGEST BALL PIT for kids and the kids-at-heart is! Our family had a chance to play in the Ball Pit and boy, I  my kids really had so much fun!
The BIG Ball Pit has 100,000 multi-colored plastic balls where anyone from kids to teens (and yeah, even adults) can dive, jump, and swim!  I brought my two kids with me who are above the minimum height requirement of 40".  Dandre is aged 13 and Wes is 6.
Playing Finding Wessie and Finding Dandre in this awesome shot!
The pool of balls reaches up to almost half my height (which isn't too tall at 5'1").  So it's important that your kids are big enough to be actually seen in the middle of the ball pit and could explore the spacious ball of pool by himself.  Socks should be worn all the time for hygienic purposes.  If you came without it, it's available in the cashier area.
Aside from diving, swimming, jumping into it, sinking into it, your child could also play basketball in the BIG Ball Pit.  A basketball ring is available for shooting.  My son had fun trying to shoot the plastic balls while in it.
The BIG Ball Pit by Fun Ranch is open daily.  Here are their rates on regular days and holidays:
4 Things We Like About the BIG Ball Pit:
  1. Finally adults has a reason to be a kid again and ACTUALLY have a place to play!
  2. The ball pit is truly BIG, the biggest we've seen so far.  It's spacious so there's room for everyone to play.
  3. Fun Ranch marshals are present to guide children on how to courteously play inside the pit.  I like their strictness when it comes to height requirement, to no throwing of balls (at other people) policy and only getting in and out of the pit at the designated corner (where the staircase is.)
  4. Rate is very reasonable - it's actually budget friendly.  For its rate, you get so much more!  BIG Fun!

The Fun Ranch Big Ball Pit is located at Frontera Verde Complex Ortigas Ave., cor C5, Pasig City.  For more details, call 706-3019 and 6872870.  You may also check their updates and promos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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