Preparing Christmas Gifts for the Kids

It is the season to be jolly because Christmas is just a few days away!  As parents we always tell our children from the start of the year ...

It is the season to be jolly because Christmas is just a few days away!  As parents we always tell our children from the start of the year pa lang to be good girls and good boys so that they will receive gifts from Santa.  But personally, telling them not to be naughty and just be good is quite vague.  So what we do is list important values and things to follow religiously so that they will be rewarded with gifts not only from Santa, but from us as well.
Our teenager son found out the truth about Santa when he was 12.  I feel successful in keeping Santa alive in his heart until the last year of his childhood.  Now, our preschooler is beginning to know about Santa and I told our eldest to also extend the excitement to his brother.  Excitement for what?  For presents and in order to get what he wishes for, he has to be good.  We’ve drawn some guidelines for him to follow throughout the year and we’re glad that he’s doing a great job in following them.

How Not To Be Naughty This Christmas:
1.     Share toys and play fair.  He has a cousin who lives with us.  At their age (6 and 5 year old kids), they are like cats and dogs when fighting over toys.  Since my son is older, he has to learn how to share so that his cousin would also share his toys.  More toys to share the better and happier their playtime would be.

2.     Participate well in school.  This year is my son’s second year of learning in school.  We didn’t force him to it when he was four.  We skipped nursery because I believe he should be still be playing, actually until age seven if we only could let him.  So far, he’s doing well and learning faster than expected.  At age six, he knows how to read complex words, he listens well to his teacher, and the most important thing is he’s having fun.

3.     Eat healthily.  Junk food is a no no in our family, not eating it every day that is.  I’m happy to say that my kids took after our distant relationship with junk foods.  Good points are given whenever they eat vegetables and fruits to keep them healthy and strong.

4.   Take vitamins every day.   I was taught that eating healthy foods alone isn’t enough, having a supplement is better.  Thanks to the more polluted environment, it’s easier for our kids to get sick.  They need to religiously take vitamins that would help them become stronger and healthier.  Our criteria of a good supplement are one that has Lysine and B-Vitamins (to help boost and maintain appetite) and 100% RENI Vitamin C (for stronger immunity).  It’s a plus that it has Taurine (for brain development), Chlorella Growth Factor and Vitamin D to boost their height and keep bones stronger too.  We found all these in Propan TLC

5.   Help around the house.  Training my boys to help around the house by doing simple chores or just assisting me in what I do or simply play with our baby, will benefit them a lot and make them dependable and responsible young men.  I always tell them that if they know how to do things around the house, their future girlfriends or wives and children will thank Mommy.

So there goes our list of things they need to do or accomplish year-round to make them get the presents they really want from “Santa”.  But more than them doing good, as parents, it’s our duty to make things possible and available for them to conveniently do the things we expect them to do.  Buy healthy foods, administer the Propan TLC vitamins daily, prepare them daily for school and make sure their supplies are complete, and lastly, be present for them always.

Now, the only thing we’re waiting for is their Christmas gift wish list.  Hopefully, they items on the list are within our budget.  But if they happen to be quite expensive, as long as they’re consistent in being good boys, go lang!  How about you loves?  How do you prepare your Christmas gifts for the kids?

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