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Those who know me could attest to how much I don't like buying clothes online. If ever I do, it must be from those selling clothes in fr...

Those who know me could attest to how much I don't like buying clothes online. If ever I do, it must be from those selling clothes in free sizes or those who have physical stores where I've tried the clothes on first, which means, I already have an idea about their sizing. I have some fear of purchasing clothes online because most of the time, the clothes for sale look better on photos than in actual and worse, they don't fit well.

This changed when I tried shopping a few pieces from Kamiseta online: http://www.kamiseta.com/

And got this beautiful shopping box which contained my orders right at my doorstep.
To my millennial readers, Kamiseta is a large Filipino brand of clothing which retails fashionable casual apparel, accessories and cosmetics targeted at girls between the ages 18 and 40. The Kamiseta brand is fun, youthful and stylish.  It's been around since I was in high school a brand I love and I'm happy that it grew up with me!  And because it offers quality pieces of clothing, I'm not surprised it's still around!

Let me share with you, before I began looking for clothes I would add to my capsule wardrobe of mostly black, white, grey, navy blue, and denim, my greatest concern was HOW TO KNOW MY SIZE IN KAMISETA.  Grabe, although I know that a return policy is in place, still it's quite hassle to wait to receive my purchases, fit it, contact customer care channel for return, return the item/s, wait until the exchanged item arrives.  I don't want to go through that.

But Kamiseta didn't fail me at all!  Its size chart is LEGIT!  It's reliable and highly believable. Because honestly, I've tried the size chart guides of other online stores only to find out that mali pa rin the size of the clothes I got.  Just make sure you know your body measurements and follow the size chart.  Anyway, that made me jump for joy!

Let me share with you my #OOTD #MommyPracticalityOOTD posts on IG and on Facebook wearing my Kamiseta clothes:
Kamiseta White Skirt: W-CAMIA W (Large)
This denim skirt is perfect for weekend wears or travel like going to the mall, supermarket or even on road trips.  Like what I've shared via IG with this piece I don't have to ever worry about pulling it down even if it's short or my skirt goes up a bit because there's a built-in shorts underneath! So even if I bend to pick up thrown baby toys or change diapers in my chic skirt, that's no problem!
Because it's white, I can pair with practically with any color!  But since I mentioned that I'm taking capsule wardrobe-ing seriously, I stuck to my black and white ensemble.  For this outfit, I paired my Kamiseta skirt with a striped black and white nursing top.

Take a peek into this skirt which fits comfortably and looks mommy-chic!
Surprised to see that there's shorts underneath to make it boso-proof (peeping-tom-proof)!
I love the ripped jeans details of my pristine white denim sexy summer skirt from Kamiseta
Kamiseta Black Lacy Skirt: W - JELINE B (Large)
This lacy black skirt is a beautiful addition to my wardrobe and I love that it is so versatile. In this photo, I paired it with a white cotton shirt for office wear, and it actually works! This lovely skirt could transform into glam just by matching it with a sexy or more delicate piece of clothing making it perfect for an after-office cocktails or an evening event attendance. 
Here's a close-up shot of my beautiful Kamiseta skirt.
Don't you just love the lace details, it's very feminine.
Lace reminds me of romance, of beauty, and of history too.
My experience shopping online via Kamiseta.com:
  1. Wide and unique selection of clothes perfect For the Summer, For the Weekend and For a Date.
  2. Reasonably-priced.  Each piece of clothing I got range from Php1,098.00 - Php 1,5000.00, are made of quality materials and indeed are practical shopping choices.  Why?  Because the quality and versatility of the pieces I got will last them years in my wardrobe and will never go out of fashion.  That's why I love shopping for classic designs and Kamiseta offers that to its customers.
  3. Size chart is reliable.  I've stressed this point explicitly above!  I'm happy I didn't doubt Kamiseta's chart.
  4. Ordering is fast and easy! Just create an account or use your Facebook account to sign in, view the collection, choose what you like (size, color, number of pieces), add to your bag, and after you've done ordering, check your cart and click the check-out button.
  5. Secured payment system and dependable payment options.  You may pay via credit card, direct debit, PayPal, bank deposit or through Dragonpay Payment Gateway.
  6. Beautiful Packaging upon delivery.  Delivery was done via Air21.  Free shipping by the way for purchases above Php1,000.00 and they deliver internationally pala!  Plus, I didn't worry at all if my order was received or when my order will be delivered because I got a notification of the status of my order via email.
  7. It FITS WELL!  I couldn't stress how this mom bod transform into a chic, modern, and fashionable woman.  Look at my shared OOTDs of my Kamiseta clothes, project kung project!

I must say, I'm a happy customer and I'll repeat the awesome customer experience! :)  

Before I forget, Kamiseta doesn't only retails clothes my loves, they also have colognes and soap available for purchase.  My husband liked the Powder scent on me, he smelled it on me after bath before bed time.  Could you guess what happened next?  That's another post.  Hahaha!  We slept soundly afterwards, kayo ha! :)
To experience shopping Kamiseta online, go to http://www.kamiseta.com/.  
For updates and promos, like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram.  
You may also follow their stories via hashtags #ItsFunBeingAGirl #KamisetaPh and #ShopKamiseta 

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