Mother's Day Gift Ideas Every Mom Will Truly Appreciate

There are so many gifts I wish to receive or think of as a mom which I could write on this post for the most celebrated occasion this month ...

There are so many gifts I wish to receive or think of as a mom which I could write on this post for the most celebrated occasion this month - Mother's Day. But only a few that if I receive from my loved ones, will I truly appreciate and cry buckets of tears of joy for.

Whether you are a mom of one or more than 4 kids, whether you work out of home, stay at home or work from home, we all get to a point when we get so exhausted like it's the end of the world.  Aminin mo minsan you just want to abruptly stop with whatever you're doing and wish you could teleport to another country of your desire, to a beach, to a salon, to a stage or to wherever and daydream that you're doing something else.  You just want to getaway for a while.  NOT THAT you don't like what you're doing as a mom.  But motherhood gets really exhausting most of the time.  We talented moms just make it "look" easy, but seriously, we're dying inside!

Please don't get me wrong, being a mother is one of the best things that has ever happened to my life, it's just draining.  I'm just as lucky as many other moms out there that my family knows exactly how to celebrate my motherhood on my day (wrote one Mother's Day celebration HERE.)

So for your moms, if you're the daughter or the son..
For the men, if you're the husband or the partner..
For you mom (yup that's us!)...

Here's a list of gift ideas Moms will truly appreciate:

  1. Love letters/cards and flowers - Kids and hubbies, please NEVER forget to write Mommy a love letter or make a DIY  Mother's Day card and make sure you insert it in the bouquet you'll be surprising her with.  I could actually suggest any material gift, but nothing beats the thoughtfulness, creativity, the effort you bring in making something out of nothing.  Mommies will cry buckets of tears when she sees something made by her kids.  Believe me, I've cried gallons and gallons of tears.  The bouquet is a bonus.  It could be a santan or any flower you picked outside, tie it together to make it pretty.  Moms love this, trust me!
  2. Breakfast in bed - Moms wake up pretty early to prepare kids in school, to prepare/serve their husbands and themselves in the morning, so why not reverse the role this time.  Mother's day usually falls during school break, so kids, it's your turn to return the favor even for just a day. Dads, partners, husbands, please initiate this simple but meaningful activity.  Cook or serve her favorite breakfast.  
  3. Do mommy duties for her - So you started serving her breakfast, if you're not planning anything for Mother's Day, then why not make her feel celebrated the whole day by doing her duties at least for a day. If you can't, just don't let her do anything, let her relax.  She deserves at least a day off right?
  4. Massage/Spa date - Speaking of gift of relaxation, aside from not letting her do anything, give mommy a Spa GC or massage her yourself (kahit feet nga lang and head, ok na eh!) so she could finally have her tired and crying muscles be treated to a good rub.  To us tired mommas, it's one of the best feelings in the world.  FYI to those who want to massage their moms/wives themselves, we feel pain at our backs, neck, and feet!
  5. Salon Day - If you've got a little budget, spend for her manicure, pedicure, foot spa, hair color or Brazilian blowout.  If you have no budget naman, just letting mommy have her day off to go to a salon is in itself a great gift.  But remember, NEVER RUSH Mommy who's on a salon time, never ask what time she's coming home because even if you don't tell, moms know you want her to come home soon and take care of household stuff.  Don't worry, moms are intelligent, they know they can't be out too long because you still rely on her heavily.  She'll be home in time.  Just let her.
  6. Hotel Staycation - There are so many hotels right now which are offering Mother's Day Promo if you plan to celebrate while staycationing.  No need to go on a road trip or spend for airfare.  You can have a vacation in the metro to treat Mommy.  Just make sure you still do #1 and #3 on this list.  Let me share with you how we did this last year through THIS POST.
  7. Mommy Retreat - If there's an available spiritual or mommy retreat such as what Mommy Mundo is offering: Mindful Mom Retreat, register her for that.  It need not be on Mother's Day itself, it could be some other day, just make sure you let her find herself, give her body, mind and soul a break.  She will truly appreciate this!
  8. Lunch or Dinner - There are also many on-going buffet promos online (I usually go to Deal Grocer, Metrodeal or look for promos via Facebook) where prices are slashed half its original price.  If you prefer not to dine out for economical reasons, of course cooking for Mommy her favorite dishes at home (plus setting the table for her and putting the fresh flowers in a vase you gifted her with on the table too) is itself already a big treat!  Make mommy feel like a real queen on her day!
That's a whole lotta list actually.  You know what, mostly, these gift ideas speak loud and clear languages of love through affirmation, appreciation, gift, service, and touch.  You know your mom or wife better, you'd know which one would make her happy.

The most important thing is, make Mommy feel special, appreciated, remembered, celebrated and loved.  You have no idea how exhausting 365 a year moms are just by fulfilling the roles that were assigned to her and which she lovingly accepted.  I would,. because I am also a tired-bordering-crazy-and-stretched-out-but-still loving mommy to my three handsome boys (plus one, the panganay, my husband), I'm proud of it and will never trade it for anything else in this world.

MAY 14, 2017 is Mother's Day here in the Philippines, don't forget that loves!  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY in advance to all my mommy readers and to your Moms as well.  

~How about you?  Do you have anything to add to my list?  Write them on the comment section below. =) ~

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