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LOVE – You will never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. This applies to WATER! My gosh, have you ever been in a situation where you’re f...

LOVE – You will never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. This applies to WATER! My gosh, have you ever been in a situation where you’re full soapy suds and just when you’re about to rinse, there isn’t even a drop of water in the shower? And you can’t even open your already sore and irritated eyes, which are also covered with soap or shampoo, and hindi mo na alam what to do?! If not, then lucky you! If yes, then you would understand the desperation and helplessness I felt that time. And why? Because I wasn’t informed!

Well, actually, the fault was entirely mine. There was an announcement regarding the water interruption in our area but I forgot to take note of the day and time. That’s why the unfortunate thing happened to me in the shower.

In the few times that water services are interrupted due to emergency maintenance activities or dry spells, it’s really important that we have pails of water stored up for emergency purposes. Had I noted the schedule of maintenance, I would have prepared better. But you know what? I remember writing it down somewhere, I guess the small note got lost or thrown away.

Good thing, Maynilad now has a program called TxtTubig wherein household managers like us could keep abreast with announcements and advisories concerning our water supply. I think this program is very convenient, especially since our hands and eyes seem glued to our phones all day anyway. I don’t need to worry about small notes getting lost because I will get pro-active advisories and updates via text.

This means that if there will be a scheduled water service interruption due to maintenance activities that will affect my household, Maynilad will send me a text message ahead of time so I can prepare by storing enough water for the duration of the water cut-off.

How can you get these free messages? To enroll via text, just type MAYNILAD<space>ADVISORY<space>ON<space>Customer’s Contract Account Number<space>NAME<space>MOBILE NUMBER to 0908-8968278. The registration fee is only P1.00.  But registration is FREE for social moms or digital mommas like us, if we enroll through Maynilad’s social media pages (Facebook and Twitter). Just send your Maynilad Contract Account Number (as shown on top of your water bill), the account name, address, and mobile number through direct/private message)to enroll.

I know it’s super hassle whenever there are maintenance activities, but the good thing with TxtTubig is we will be informed so we could prepare ahead of time. Plus, at least we know that the maintenance activities are scheduled to improve and sustain our water services. So TxtTubig na!

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