A Tribute To Dad - My First Love And My Superhero

Father's day weekend went by so quickly without me being able to really celebrate it with my dad.  The busyness of yaya-finding, work, a...

Father's day weekend went by so quickly without me being able to really celebrate it with my dad.  The busyness of yaya-finding, work, and taking care of my own family took the celebration a backseat.  So I want to give tribute to my dad in this post.

Ever since my mom passed away three years ago yesterday, my dad became both the Ilaw at Haligi ng Tahanan.  Not that he does the things my mom did when she was still with us.  But Daddy goes beyond what he usually does every day to show me how much he loves me and my kids, and express his extra concern about me especially whenever I would get sick or I was on medical bedrest when I got pregnant last year, and when my kids lost their yayas.  Dad would bring or buy me my favorite food or remind me of my meds and he would even help me wash dishes even if he didn't have to.  He would volunteer to look after the kids.  He just wanted to unload me of the house chores especially after coming home from work or from a physically draining task.  These are the things he started doing for me when mom passed away.  He became more present and more expressive of his love.

Indeed, he's a SUPER DAD.

My handsome 77-year old Daddy, from whom I got my good looks and singing voice.
I grew up closer to mom who was a housewife because dad was always in the office working hard to provide for the family.  He sent us to good schools, we lived decently, we were able to go to many places, and he was able to buy both our needs and some wants.  He taught us many values that kept us grounded, contented, and responsible.  Now that I have my own family, I understand why he was always away.  And I now know, for the times he was away from us every day just to work, how he wanted to just be at home and spend time for us.  But he sacrificed that, because he's a DAD - our SuperDad.

I remembered my Dad in this heartwarming Father’s Day tribute, three real-life fathers share the ups and downs of being the man of the house.

(Sandali, pause reading, and get a box of tissue please!)

How they work hard to be able to provide their family everything they need and how affected they are when they see their children go through heartaches.

Meet Daddy Harold, Daddy Mario and Daddy Rowel who talk about how much they love their families, and why they don’t mind making sacrifices if it means seeing their children grow up happy and well, and most importantly, that their families remain intact.

After watching the video, I really cried hard and realized that although I always tell my dad how much I appreciate everything he does for me, feeling ko it's still not enough.  I should be spending more time with him and do more things for him, kasi tapos na siya sa mga obligations niya sa akin.  But he's so selfless!  I guess I will forever be the little and only girl in his eyes.

Just like the contentment and happiness in the eyes of the three fathers in the tribute video, I'm sure my dad will also feel the same way with an extra mile gesture from me and my siblings to show him our appreciation not only during Father's Day season, but for the rest of his life with us.

Daddy, I love you and Happy Belated Father's Day!

Now how do you celebrate your father's love?

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