Protecting Our Kids This Rainy Season With RiteMed For Kids

We don't know anymore if we should or shouldn't be bringing our umbrellas whenever we go out of our houses because the weather is u...

We don't know anymore if we should or shouldn't be bringing our umbrellas whenever we go out of our houses because the weather is unpredictable. So to protect ourselves from the weather, we better bring it anyway. Pero iba na ang usapan pagdating sa mga bata, our children, we could be overprotective sometimes. I think that's okay especially that uso ang colds and cough because of sudden changes in weather.

And since, a new school year has started for most kids already, it also means rainy season is here too.  And while kids are in school, we can't help but worry whenever they are away  from home.  We get anxious about almost anything from the biggest to the most trivial things we could think of like:

"Paano kapag natuyuan ng pawis sa laro?"
"Ang maduduming kamay baka maisubo!"
"Baka hindi kainin ang baon niyang hinanda ko."
"Paano kung may ubo sipon ang kakalase niya, baka mahawa si bunso."
"Naku tag-ulan na, baka magkasakit kaagad pag nabasa!"

The list of our worries goes on and on right?  But, personally, after three kids (with two of them already in school), I learned to let go of my worries and do what I can within my control to give my kids the extra care and protection they need.
RiteMED for Kids

Here are some things I do to protect my children:

1. Give constant reminders on what-to-dos lovingly.  To combat our worries about what happens to them when we are not around to be the one to wipe their backs from sweat or put powder/cologne to keep smelling fresh or to apply mosquito repellent when playing outdoors or to regularly wash hands before eating and after touching dirty surfaces, all we have to do is to repeatedly remind them. Believe me, our reminders will play on their minds like a broken record when they are by themselves. Besides, they are in school and their teachers are our helpers in teaching proper hygiene which will keep them off sickness such as common colds and cough passed through infected hands.

2. Pack his hooded jacket or raincoat or umbrella during rainy days. We all know June-September (and sometime it extends to October) are rainy months. So instead of being paranoid about them getting all wet when it rains, let's be pro-active in letting them wear a jacket during colder months or packing a small umbrella and a raincoat on rainy days. Make sure before he leaves the house you give clear instructions where to get them and when to use these rain gears. 3. Prepare a nutritious and well-balanced baon every day. Being creative is a plus.

RiteMED for Kids
I've started to intentionally prepare nutritious or balanced baon for my gradeschooler this year, wish I had done this sooner. I also document his baon everyday and post it on social media (check #WesBaonToday album on my FB Page) to help me become more conscious on what I prepare for him. Nutritious and well-balanced baon means there's source of protein, Vitamin C, carbohadrates, and water too. With this, you could pack cookies, biscuits, fruits, meat, rice or pasta, vegetables, juice and water. Worried that he might not finish his baon? That's when creativity is needed. I noticed when I started to put a little effort in baon-making for Wes, he comes home with emptied food containers. The visually appealling baon helps level up the kids' appetites and therefore also helps in making them finish their food. Finishing what you prepared just means you are somehow assured that he's getting some nutritional value from the food you prepared yourself. 4. Give him food supplements or medicine that's just RITE for him. To have a feeling of relief that your child is protected from possible sicknesses and getting enough nutrition he needs apart from vitamins and minerals from food (because sometimes naman talaga they don't get to finish their baons right?) I recommend giving food supplements. I've done this for all my children and I believe having food supplements help boost their immunity from sicknesses, especially this rainy season when colds and cough are prevalent. I'm currently giving RM Multivitamins + CGF Syrup which has just the right mix of vitamins and minerals he needs such as CGF, Taurine, Vitamin A, C, D, B-Complex, Lysine, and Zinc. I also give him an additional immune booster, Vitamin C. RiteMED for Kids also has RM Ascorbic Acid 100mg Syrup which he takes every day.
RiteMED for Kids

What if he gets sick?

If ever my son gets sick naman, his pediatric doctor always tell me to give a dose of Vitamin C with Zinc (for easier absorption) and the right dose of Paracetamol too. I'm happy that RiteMED for Kids has RM Zinc-C (Ascorbic + Zinc Syrup) food supplement and also RM Paracetamol to shoo the fever away. Just make sure when giving food supplements or any medicines, check with your child's pedia doctor first. Also always follow the prescribed dosage and give these food supplements and medicines at the right time.

What I also like about RiteMED for Kids is that it's less expensive by around 25% than other known brands which has the same generic name. So if you're a practical mom like me, you'll really opt for RiteMED for Kids food supplements and medicines. RiteMed for Kids are now available in drugstores such as Southstar Drug, Watsons, Rose Pharmacy, Negros Grace Pharmacy, ThreeSixty Pharmacy, St. Joseph Drug, and other leading drugstores nationwide.

So there are my mommy tips on making sure our kids are protected this rainy season. When we do these things, it's almost as if we're wrapping our loving arms around them in a tight mommy hug! Do you have other tips on protecting our kids? Please do share on the comments section below!

Have a great day!

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