Creating Happy And Loving Memories With Your Child

What does it take for moms and their children to create happy memories together?  I would answer that in two important words, LOVE and TIM...

What does it take for moms and their children to create happy memories together?  I would answer that in two important words, LOVE and TIME.

One cannot create a happy memory without LOVE or an absence of TIME.  Each of these elements should co-exist.  I am a mom of three and even though I know I've been doing pretty well in being present for my kids, still I feel like I could do more.  I dream of a home filled with hugs, kisses, laughter, prayers, dream-building, pleasant routines or joyful surprises to nourish our hearts, minds, and souls.  And of course, I give them yummy food and drink to nourish the body.  Yes, it has to be YUMMY!

My kids and I created a bedtime routine by giving them a glass of milk, chatting over both silly and serious things, reading books, and playing.  On some weekends, either we go out as a family or do arts and crafts at home.  We may think these are trivial things, but the children, every bonding time with their parents help them grow confident, build good self-esteem, and collect happy memories.

Oh and you must already know by now that I have three boys (if not yet, then there, now you know.) and they're really big kids.  I guess it has a lot to do with giving in to their favorite yummy milk drink whenever they want it.  I give them ALASKA Powdered Milk.

I want to share with you now an arts and crafts bonding project which you could do as well with your kids.  My grade-schooler Wes is so fond of coloring and drawing, so I am doing this activity with him.  With the use of drawing and coloring materials, we're going to make a personalized tumbler.

Here are the things you'll need and step by step procedure:

1. Let your child choose what drink or treat he wants to take before doing the activity.  This will influence them to have a good mood.  Remember, giving them what they want makes them happy.  My son likes to have a glass of ALASKA Powdered Milk, because he says it's YUMMY and it makes him warm, like Mommy's hugs.

2. Bring out art materials you and your child could work on to create something beautiful.

3. Let your child draw and color how he sees his Mommy (you'll be surprised to see how beautiful you are in his eyes!)
4. You draw and color one fond memory you have of your children too.
5. Insert the cutout paper/board that will fit a tumbler which could be personalized (tumblers could be bought online.)

6. DONE!

Here's a video of how we did this project together.  Watch ‘til the end to see the SURPRISE!!!!!

I'm so kilig with the output of the project!  We both could use the tumblers whenever we take our bedtime drink, Alaska Powdered Milk for him and Alaska Chocolate Milk drink for me.  And while drinking from these special tumblers, we will always be reminded of our happy TIMEs together, of the LOVE we show each other.  And what put a dent on that special project we did, was the transformation of his loving Mommy artwork into a piece of jewelry made by Bubba Doodles which I will truly treasure.
I cried buckets of tears when I received the box of jewelry. He wondered why and asked if he made me sad.  I said "No anak, of course not.  You made mommy extremely joyful and that's what I also want you and your brothers to feel every time we're together."
He just hugged me tightly, kissed me on my cheek and asked, "Mommy, where's my milk please?"  Hahaha, gatas lang masaya na siya!  Basta ALASKA, happy and contented.  Ako rin of course because he enjoys milk a lot!  And one way of showing my love as a mom is giving the kids proper nutrition they need so that when they grow up, they will grow strong, healthy, and happy!

You see, our house may be not grand, but it's a large HOME filled with happy and yummy memories or what we call “Milk Story” that will last a lifetime.

So Mommy, what is your “Milk Story”?

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