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Hello momshies, mudrabelles, muther, maders, mamangs, mommies or mamitas! :) Dahil sa super ka-busyhan ng inyong lola, I almost forgot tha...

Hello momshies, mudrabelles, muther, maders, mamangs, mommies or mamitas! :)

Dahil sa super ka-busyhan ng inyong lola, I almost forgot that Mommy Practicality turned 5 years last July 1, 2017!  WOW!  I mean, wait whut, 5 years?!  For me, that's a milestone that is worth celebrating.

I knew back then that I really want to blog and start sharing my experiences on being a practical mom (like most moms are diba?) and parang be a voice that speaks for the average mommy in the Philippines.  Yung practical and medyo mabudget or mabilang talaga pero hindi naman tipid or makunat.  I feel that this "gift" of practicality is what pushed me to start blogging about it.  Of course I got this talent from the Lola Practicality, my mom (Hello mommy in heaven!).

Anyway, wow, I still can't believe that I've come this far I mean in terms of years of writing, blog redesigns, and sharing through my life's ups and downs, yayaless life phases, from pregnancy to breastfeeding journey and beyond, raising three childhood stages at the same time (a teen, a young child, and an infant).  Kasama ko kayo here in my blog and I am thankful for this digital avenue, a home for my heart and thoughts which I share to people I know and don't know.

Waah!  I have so many things I want to say, basta, I am overwhelmed and grateful for the five years of blogging.  It has blessed me far more than I can imagine it would.  I am happy it's still alive and I actually have regular readers or social media followers na totoo.  Hahaha!  I know wala namang fake, but I mean, sometimes I'm really wondering if there's anyone reading my posts.  Though my analytics say there are, but I want to engage my readers more.  I want to get to know my readers more and actually see in real time who I am talking to or writing for. :)

I am also happy that my blog is a trusted partner of some brands I've collaborated with.  Super thank you to all the brands who chose to work with me to be able to reach out to you and share the good news!  Through the years, I've been an ambassador (of beauty and good will - charot lang!) of these amazing brands:

  • Samsung KidsTime
  • Sun Cellular (Year 1 & 2)
  • Wilkins Distilled Drinking Water
  • Del Monte Pineapple
  • Propan TLC
  • RiteMED for Kids, and a lot more...
And I've also been mentioned and featured as one of the Top Mommy Bloggers in the Philippines by:

That's why, a crazy idea came up one time to do an FB Live on my Facebook Page and just talk through a Q&A about anything under the sun.  Which I was so glad I made that crazy decision.  Sa totoo lang, SHY kasi ako kahit alam ko most of you hindi naniniwala.  I kind of have some fears or insecurities about going live (I know perform in a band and do TVCs, but seriously I'm shy).  So with the surprising result of the FB Live, I'm doing it every month and will streamline the topics para mas may structure tayo.

Now, to celebrate or make fun of myself (I like making fun of myself and laughing at myself with you...) I launched #ChallengeMommyPracticality as the blog turned 5 years last July 1.  I also found out that reaching out to my readers through a video whether live or not is something where I could see more instant results whether you like the content or what I offer or not.

So here's the video I posted my on FB Page and IG:

So again, in text, here's the full mechanics:

  1. Comment what Mommy challenge you want me to do.
  2. I'll choose the most entertaining/funny/interesting na doable challenge.
  3. Winner will have a coffee date with me and win a goody bag too.
  4. I'll release a Vlog of me doing the winning challenge.
  5. Consolation prizes shall be given to the other interesting challenges as well.
So far, I'm liking the challenges that you moms are posting for me.  Let me share too some:
  • Cook a main dish under 30 mins WHILE doing homework with my child
  • Apply a mascara while breastfeeding
  • Apply whole everyday make-up under 5 mins to the tune of my favorite song 
  • Let kids choose my office outfits for a week and I should wear them take OOTDs too
  • Cover a book within a minute while singing
You have until this Friday, July 7 to send me your CHALLENGES so I could pick na and do the challenge via Vlog.  Kapag na-aliw ako na pagtawanan sarili ko sa kagagawa ng challenges na binigay niyo, I might just do all the challenges that you posted!  Hahahaha!

Before I end my post, I would just like to say my sincerest and warmest THANK YOU for still hanging around, still reading my blog posts, and for all the support that you've given me and my blog.  Kasi totoo naman if wala kayo, I mean sino namang nilalang magbabasa ng blog ko right?  Ako lang din at asawa ko.  So from the bottom of my heart, super BIG THANKS!!!! I owe my blog's milestone to all of you!  Thank you thank you thank you!

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