Speaking To Moms At The BDJ #BellaMommies Event

Speaking to fellow moms at the Belle De Jour's #BellaMommies event was one of my July's highlights.  Admittedly, I was nervous abo...

Speaking to fellow moms at the Belle De Jour's #BellaMommies event was one of my July's highlights.  Admittedly, I was nervous about this particular speaking engagement.  But when I first got an email about the topic that I will be talking about, I didn't have any second thoughts.  I readily said YES.  Why?  I got the topic which was closest to my heart, the topic which could actually tell my whole life story, and the topic which I could passionately talk about to moms who may also be experiencing things I am experiencing as a MULTI-TASKER working mom.
As I prepared my slides (which I did like a college student would do - cramming style), I already had the outline and points of elaboration written all over my head from the time I got BDJ's email.  As I've said it was a topic I could talk about to anyone the whole day.  The challenge to me was putting all my thoughts in slides and present it at a limited time.  I was thinking, yes, I may have a lot of things to share but will the audience listen to me?  Will they believe what I will be talking about.  Well, siguro naman.

Come July 22, I was quite early for my call time.  I parked and stayed in the car for a while to take deep breaths and motivate myself.  I didn't know what to expect or how the audience will receive my talk, all I just wanted to do was share.  Questions like, "Do I look okay?"  I guess yes/ "Does my hair look as if I've taken care of three fighting toddlers?"  Unfortunately, yes to that too!/ "Am I at all prepared for it?" Definitely! --- occupied my mind that afternoon.
But when the program started and my name was called, ay, ibang usapan na.  I just imagined that I was going to a singing gig, para mas madali.  Anyway, to cut the long story short, ay ang saya! :)


1. You #BellaMommies are the best!  I was able to engage many moms in the audience during my talk.  I guess ang dami talagang nakaka-relate sa pagka-loka-loka ng mga multi-tasking moms like us.
2.  So many prizes and giveaways from sponsors -  Grabe, the moms took home so many prizes and giveaways from the generous sponsors.  If you weren't there, you surely missed a lot! Nobody went home without a bag of goodies on hand.
3.  Valuable learning from speakers Aahm, I didn't only mean myself ha (buhat-bangko portion).  I stayed until the whole event was done because I also wanted to learn from other speakers!  Ginger Arboleda was there to talk about Momprenurship.
Shari Macainag talked about Fashion and Beauty for moms.
Ian Banzon talked about health and fitness.

To sum up the talks:
   - Plan your day and learn the art of Time Management especially if you're a multi-tasking mom like me.
   - Prioritize your family.
   - Pursue your passion and dreams and learn how to monetize them.
   - Moms have a right to Self-Care and that's what salons, spas, make-up, shopping, coffee time, meet ups with friends, and also dressing up well come into play
   - Moms should put more importance to health and fitness. We all want to live longer and see our children marry the love of their lives and have children of their own. We owe it to ourselves to take care of our healths so we could do so much more.

4. I met some of my blog readers. If there's one thing that I took more seriously by heart, it's the pleasure and joy of meeting my blog followers. When blogging times get tough, I go back to this empowering memory. It reminds me of my blog purpose and the Whys of my blog. Meeting my readers motivates me, energizes me, and brings me back on track. You have no idea how your feedback, comments, and kind words mean so much to me. So thank you so much!

Nice meeting all of you!
Thank you so much Belle De Jour for inviting me to be one of your speakers in your #BellaMommies event. It was a pleasure to share my experiences and be connected with the audience for an afternoon full of learning, food, giveaways, raffle prizes, and meeting people.

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