DIY Jungle Safari Themed Dessert Buffet

I love parties.  I love both organizing and attending it.  And if it happens to be the party of any of my children, I make sure I pour my he...

I love parties.  I love both organizing and attending it.  And if it happens to be the party of any of my children, I make sure I pour my heart out to it, through effort and time, so that it may be made more memorable and special.

My youngest just one year old last July 4 (YEY!) and had his party on a Saturday of his birthday week.  While preparing for it, I've scouted a number of venues, both clubhouses and restaurants (which I will share on another blog post) and also scouted suppliers for the party needs.  Whenever I was about to book a venue or a supplier, I always tend to think twice if I would really need the supplier or not, if I could DIY it or not. If I could DIY and I still have time and resources, I would do it.  Let's take for example the DIY Jungle Safari Themed Dessert Buffet during the party. :)

Sharing with you my labor of love during my son's 1st birthday party, my DIY Jungle Safari Themed Dessert Buffet:
My dessert buffet spread consisted of the following sweet treats:
- 50 assorted variants of cupcakes
- Stick Os
- Marshmallow twists
- Gem Biscuits
- Chocolate Chip Cookies
- Assorted gummy candies

For the backdrop and the hanging leaves, I used the following materials:
- Brown and orange crepe papers (3 pcs each color)
- Foil balloon letters
- Masking tape
- Wooden clips (which I recycled from my rustic themed wedding DIY projects)
- 4 rolls of Green cartolina

Other decors which I just got from the house were:
- Vintage luggage bags
- Animal stuffed toys
- clear vases
- leaves I just cut from our garage plant boxes
   (Table with table cloth came from the restaurant)

The whole set up including the desserts only costed me a total of: Php 150 (materials) + Php 820 (treates) =  Php 970

Diba?  DIY projects really help you save a lot from getting a candy buffet or dessert buffet supplier, if you think you can do it if you have skills, patience, determination, enough time (before the party), if you can handle grace under pressure (we know how us moms could get really stressed out during ingress or before a party starts) and if you really want to save.

Practical Tips On Doing a DIY Dessert Buffet:
1. Do some research or get some pegs online.. (I go to Pinterest to get some inspiration!)
2. Draw your desired look.  I always do this so I have a better visualization of how I want everything arranged.
3.  Make use of whatever you have at home already.   I used mom's white ceramic serving plates, a cake stand I got as a gift, mom's vintage luggage for decor, my kids' stuffed toys, wooden boxes to elevate the plates, the leaves from our garage and vases too.
4.  Manage your time for ingress before the party to be able to arrange the dessert buffet without rush.
5.  Make sure your hands and whoever is helping you prepare the dessert buffet, are clean/sanitized and make use of gloves because you're handling food.
6.  Enjoy!

So there you have it loves!  Hope you got some inspiration from this post on doing your own party dessert buffet.  Let me know your thoughts. :)

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