A Disney Cars/Racing Themed Party and My DIY Projects

It's no secret that I'm a DIY enthusiast. Every chance I could get to DIY some personal party or event, I would.  My first DIY event...

It's no secret that I'm a DIY enthusiast. Every chance I could get to DIY some personal party or event, I would.  My first DIY event project was my very own Rustic-themed wedding.  Since then I got hooked to doing DIYs in succeeding special occasions of my family.

The recent birthday party of my son was Disney Cars-themed.  It was the same character which my eldest got hooked to since he was 2 years of age back in 2005, galing!  We celebrated Wes' 7th birthday party at McDonald's Granada.  The manager and crew allowed us to dress up the focal front table with this chosen theme.  After all, it's our birthday boy's special request.

So, here's the latest DIY party project I did for my son's party. When I think of Cars or Racing, I think of the color red and black and white checkered flags.  I played around those ideas and from those came the road and traffic signs I had fun doing.

Here were my DIY projects for my son's Disney Cars/Car Racing themed 7th birthday party:

As you may know now, I love assembling dessert tables for my children's parties.  There's something about symmetry, leveling, balance, and sweets that make me giddy excited.  I prepared cookies, marshmallows, cupcakes, stick-os, gummy candies, and the cake was the centerpiece of this DIY creation.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
I printed the black and white checkered patterns on bond papers, cut them in triangles, hung them on a string and voila, racing buntings.  
For the backdrop fringes, I used red and yellow crepe papers, cut them in strips and taped them on a string.  Husband helped in setting the fringe backdrop up on the front wall set the theme.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
This area was set up to welcome guests and give them a brief feel of what theme to expect before the enter the party premises.  I made the traffic light out of illustration board and art papers cut in circles.  The orange paper road cones were made from cartolina.  And of course the flags were from the many printed out black and white checkered papers attached to staws.
The red and yellow early warning devices for vehicles were from the trunk of our car.  And lastly, instead of putting ONE WAY, I printed WES' PARTY to direct the guests to the party venue. 
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
The table centerpiece I used were also the DIY road cones and racing flags placed on top of the racing flag mats.  We were supposed to add balloons but due to lack of ingress time, my friend supplier wasn't able to do so anymore.  The centerpieces made quite a cute racing or road traffic feel and for that I believe we succeeded without removing or covering McDonald's own theme/presence.  
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Now sharing also with you other Cars-themed party elements which we implemented during our son's simple 7th birthday party at McDonald's Granada.
This invitation was made by my husband and the inspiration of course came from Pinterest.  If you're a DIY enthusiast and want to get a lot of ideas on how to do a project or at least get pegs, Pinterest is the place to be.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
I got our matching shirts two days before the party from Landmark Makati.  My question was: "How could these good quality shirts come in less than Php500 price tags each?"  Well, only in Landmark, Makati Philippines baby! :)
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
My cake supplier has always been our dear friend Shae of Delishaes Cakes.  I gave her the look or peg of the cake that Wes likes and she executes it perfectly.  Her cake and cupcakes are always moist and just has the right kind of sweetness.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
As a bonus, Shae gave Wes free 2D cupcakes as gifts but these are also available for sale or as part of a package.  Just message her on Facebook.  The guests enjoyed the yummy moist choco cupcakes.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Since it's a Cars-themed party, of course I have to go all out with Cars even with prizes or most of it.  I added around 30 pcs of prizes to McDonald's prizes.  It was such a fun party and almost all the kids came home with something.  You also wouldn't believe that I got these items for only Php10 - P15 each.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Apart from the game prizes, I prepared something for the Best Dressed or Best in Costume and Early Birds too!  I bought these special prizes from the department store and the kids were all eyes on the prizes!
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
I had the neck pillows customized.  I'm so happy about the quality of the print and the plumpness of the pillows too.  The supplier was so easy to transact with and the items were also delivered to me.  These were done by Cuztomate and each piece is lower than Php80 each.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
I already received more than a dozen of inquiries about where I got Wes' racing costume.  I had it tailor-made from Len of Costume Manila.  RTW Racing costumes are available in some department stores but I didn't like the quality of the cloth.  I just had to add a few hundred pesos to get this quality and tailor-fit costume for the birthday boy.  The costume also came with a cap which completed the whole racing outfit of Wes.
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
Cars Themed Birthday Party Ideas
The package I got from my photographer came with photo booth services.  The design was of course aligned to the whole Disney Cars theme.  The photo paper was thick glossy and print is high quality.  Each photo came with a board frame and was immediately posted on the supplier's Facebook page.
Our party was so much fun!  These Disney Cars party elements made the party more alive and put together!  Having a theme for your parties make it also look more organized and great on photos.  It also sets the party mood for the kids especially for the birthday celebrator.  But the most important of all is even without party themes, your birthday celebrator child is happy and that you show and make him feel all the love in the world.  Birthdays are milestones of our children's lives and personally, whether with a party (at home or in a venue outside home) or a vacation. it's worth celebrating!

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