Our Staycation Experience at Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern

It's always great weekend when you get to relax and sleep on freshly laundered clean white sheets (which I dont ever have to worry abou...

It's always great weekend when you get to relax and sleep on freshly laundered clean white sheets (which I dont ever have to worry about if it gets soiled.) Am I right tired moms? And to save me pa from the stress of long driving and packing too much, I got to vacay with my family within the heart of the city.  Greenhillls Elan Hotel Modern became our home one weekend and I did nothing but just Eat.Sleep.Swim.Repeat.
Upon entrance to the hotel doors, you'll be greeted by a bright, spacious and elegant lobby where you will also find their friendly and warm front office staff who will greet you all smiles.
If you come from my generation, the Generation X, you will feel nostalgic when you get a chance to stay at Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern.  The interior design of the hotel sends an 80s clean modern feel.  Growing up during the 80s mean seeing classic and homey pieces. So personally, staying in this hotel became a home away from home.
We were booked in a 1-BR suite which sent us a familiar feeling of being very close to home.  The suite was a clean mini-version of a family dwelling where you'll find a small dining area, living room, the bedroom of course, a bathroom with a bath tub (definitely a bonus for us especially the kids!), and a kitchenette. My husband and I were talking that it's a livable space for a family, bigger than most condominium.
Upon entry to the room, a fruit platter greeted us.  How thoughtful of Greenhills Elan Hotel to be extending this welcome gesture to their guests.

Let me take you around our spacious room (which could really pass as a whole house actually!)  This is a living area.  I wasn't able to take a photo of the TV on the wall.  Guests can actually lounge here, watch a movie or just rest or even sleep.  I tell you there's plenty of space.  
Here's another angle of the room coming from the door.  What a huge room, agree?  I never felt like I couldn't breathe because it was really spacious.
The room had one (1) King-sized bed which fits 2 adults, a young child and our baby.  Baby still nurses from me so he's been co-sleeping with me since he was born.  We requested for an extra bed set up in this same room for my teenager son.

You'll also find a huge desk perfect for doing some work (which I didn't bother doing) or for drawing or playing, which my 7 year old son happily did. :)
One of the things we love about hotel staycationing is feeling the softness of the clean white sheets where we press our tired bodies on.  My baby soundly and comfortably slept through the night and even just before we swam the next day.
What I highly appreciate during our stay that weekend, aside from the breakfast buffet which came with the room, was the completeness of the toiletries and then some extra items which in some hotels, you wouldn't find or you'd have to request for (and sometimes for a fee.).

You wouldn't complain at all with the high-powered air-conditioning system.  There's one in the room and another in the living room.  Lighting is perfect for me, not too dark and not too bright as well.  

Inside their huge bathroom, you'll find these:
  • Bath towels
  • Hand towels
  • Dental Kit
  • Bedroom Slippers
  • Sewing kit
  • Shampoo, Conditioner, Liquid Soap
  • Bath Tub
  • H&C Shower
  • Toilet Paper/Facial Tissue
  • Iron + Board
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Bath Robes
  • Closet
  • Hair Dryer
The room also came with:
  • Two card keys plus a card key going to the pool area
  • Coffee and Tea Making facility
  • Two (2) Complimentary bottles of mineral water
  • Newspaper
  • Plate of fresh fruits
Breakfast buffet opens as early as 6am and ends at 110am. We were up as early as 6am because the kids didn't want to waste any minute of our second day which they dedicated to swimming.

We are heavy breakfast eaters that's why in all of our hotel or resort stays we higly appreciate a complete.and not bitin breakfast buffet spreads that have a lot to choose from.

First buffet station we stopped by was their rice and viand spread which consisted of rice, scrambled egg, soup, and three meats. You may request for omelette or strips of crispy bacon.

If you're a cereal person, you may choose from these four cereal types together with your bowl of fresh milk.
There was also a generous spread of breads available for guests who opt these for their morning carbo-loading.  Wheat and white loaf bread slices, pandesal, pan de coco, and a lot more were available that day. You may toast them on site too for a freshly warmed or crunched bread.
If you're the type who favors salads in the morning, you're definitely going to love this salad station which comes with a number of dressings to choose from.
This was my dear Wessie, helping himself with a bowl of his favorite corn flakes with milk.
Coffee, pineapple juice and water station is very accessible to guests.
And if you're already up for sweets or desserts., fruits and sponge cake slices are also available.
We always consider staying in a hotel with swimming pools because it's the only activity which my children look forward to whenever we staycation or even go on an out of town trip. I would like to believe that they got the love for the water from me! I used to swim a lot in high school and growing up until I travel for work, I would always pack a swimsuit for the "just in case there'll be a pool" moments. So from my eldest to my baby boy, they all love to swim.

Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern's swimming pools are found on the Penthouse. There's a huge one for adults or older kids and a kiddie pool as well. There's also a jacuzzi but it wasn't working during our stay.
If you're a health and fitness enthusiast (which I aim to be one in the near future) the hotel also has a gym and spa which could be found also on the Penthouse.  There are machines available for cardio exercises or weight lifting.  Oh how I miss stepping on the treadmill and sweating it all out. Soon soon again I will.
What we also liked about during our stay was their WiFi!  You know how kids during their rest times like to connect their gadgets to the internet right? Also parking spaces for the guests are available at the basement floors.  The hotel is right in the heart of San Juan City and is accessible to many restaurants, bars and entertainment hubs, Spas and salons, and of course Greenhills Shopping Center.

Overall, two thumbs up go Greenhills Elan Modern for many reasons. Top for us would be great customer service thanks to the warm and highly courteous hotel staff. Next, location is accessible and not difficult to navigate. Third, cleanliness and completeness of hotel amenities are unquestionable. Fourth, rooms are spacious and well-maintained. Last but not the least, room rates and promos are value for money. 

Thank you Greenhills Elan Hotel Modern for making our quick getaway a comfortable, relaxing, and memorable one.

Speaking of promos, they have on-going room promos EXCLUSIVELY for Mommy Practicality's readers, perfect for quick family or barkada getaway which you would certainly like:
Use promo code FAMKADA to get a special room package for a group of four (4) from October 16 to December 30, 2017.  Each room gets four (4) FREE Buffet Breakfasts plus use of pool, gym, jacuzzi, with complimentary daily newspaper and four (4) water bottles.
Also, you may use promo code GREENHILLSELAN to get 55% OFF their Best Available Rates online. The 55% discount is applicable to all their available room types during stay from October 16, 2017 to March 18, 2018.


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