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Happy New Year, Happy New You! Basta January, for me it's still legit to greet all of you a Happy New Year!  To start this post, I...

Happy New Year, Happy New You!

Basta January, for me it's still legit to greet all of you a Happy New Year!  To start this post, I just want to ask you all, how was your 2017?  Were you able to achieve all your new year's resolution or goals?  If you would ask me, hahaha!  I wasn't able to achieve some.  Let me review last year's list (which tends to look the same list as the previous years before last, kayo din?).  Most of the goals I was able to achieve or at least nearly achieved were for our marriage, children, career, blog, and a bit of our financials, but just one - goals for MYSELF - which concerns my health, beauty and fitness.
Tayo talagang mga moms, we tend to think so much about others and put them before our own happiness and needs.  At first you may say it's a noble and selfless thing to do - but may actually affect us physically, mentally, and emotionally in the long run.  We keep on giving ourselves to others that we forget to leave some TLC for ourselves.  I'm guilty of that.

Last year:
I wanted to fix my frizzy-all-over-the-place-buhaghag-forever hair.  It did not happen.
I wanted to get into a regular fitness activity (was thinking about running or yoga).  It did not happen.
I wanted to pursue dancing.  It did not happen.
I wanted to level up my make up skills.  It did not happen.

I attempted to meet these goals, but attempt isn't enough to achieve them.  I guess it was because a lot of things happened to me last year that I got swayed far from my goals.

But this year, is going to be my year!  2018 is also the year I am going to begin my life, begin to prioritize me - the year I am turning 40!  I gotta pen those goals again and make sure I meet all of them so I could achieve my Happy New Me by learning new skills, getting into action, and relying on trusted products.  Watsons has always been my go to store for these health and beauty products - for the hair, the body, and the face.

Recently, I attended Watsons' #HappyNewYou event at SM Aura where a number of expert celebrity speakers gave practical tips and secrets in achieving their health, beauty, and fitness goals.  I learned a lot from each of them -

So I also wrote and exerted great effort in beautifying my 2018 goals which we were all asked to post on the transformation wall.  Here are my 2018 goals:
Now let me share with you my takeaways from their talks.

For the body:
- No time for gym (yup that's me!), pick up a yoga mat and some dumbbells
- Can't cook or find some sinful meals still irresistible?  Don't worry, you can balance your diet with the right supplements with the help of Cosmo Body.
- Increase your endurance while toning up your muscles with Euphoria Maxx.
- Enhance your overall health with Organique Acai juice supplement.
- STRONG is now the NEW BEAUTIFUL.  We used to think losing weight is all there is and having a flat tummy too.  But no, it's building muscles and becoming stronger that will not only make you look healthy but beautiful too.
For the hair:
- It's okay not to shampoo every day.
- Hair coloring will give you an instant make-over and you don't need to spend thousands in the salon!  L'Oreal Excellence is one of my trusted hair coloring brand that you could DIY at the comforts of your home.
- Keep the hair color vibrant with the help of Revlon Color Care shampoo and conditioner
- Going out for work or meetings?  Wow them with different hairstyles with Lolane Freestyle Gel Spray's help.
On Make-Up:
- Kilay is still life, try BYS Brow Pencil
- BYS' Contour Trio also helps with your face's angles
- You could say goodbye to mattes and hello to rick and sparkly lipsticks or tints.  Try BYS' Glitter Gloss
- You may start playing with colors on your lids and make your cheekbones pop with BYS' Blush Trio.
- Never leave your eyeliner and mascara at home.  Big natural lashes are sooo in!
For the skin:
- Tried and tested ko ang Belo Kojic for fairer and smoother skin.
- My anti-aging regimen consists of Olay Regenerist Night Cream or Pond's Age Miracle too.
- For blemish-free radiance, Neutrogena's Fine Fairness Light Mask will do the trick.
- For added glow, you may also complement all those with Skin Crystal White Tomato Capsules and Belo Collagen Drink.
So with all these amazing products from Watsons, how could you ever not look good and feel great?  Kasalanan mo na if 2018 pangit ka pa rin - so yes bes, check out the right products for you at Watsons so you could also achieve the #HappyNewYou!

Great news for SM Advantage Card members! A total of 1,000,000 shopping points will be given away by purchasing any participating product with a minimum amount of P500.00. Per DOH-FDA-CDRR permit no. 003 series of 2018. The SM Advantage Card is available at any Watsons store or at The SM Beauty Section. At Watsons, members get more!

~So, how about you?  How would you achieve your #HappyNewYou goals this year? ~

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