How Doing My Own Laundry Is Therapeutic!

Do you think you are a supermom?  If yes, congratulations! Honestly speaking, most of the time I don't feel so super about being a MOM...

Do you think you are a supermom?  If yes, congratulations!

Honestly speaking, most of the time I don't feel so super about being a MOM because I am not being a mom in all its sense. I have been working all my mommy years and I keep saying that over and over on social media.  True, I earn money to spend for the family's wants on top of the needs and with it, a sense of financial comfort and security are somehow impressed on my favorite people.

But deep inside, I have mommy guilt for spending more hours in the traffic and office, for missing some of their milestones, for forgetting to call and check on them during lunch time, and many other things because I was too busy with my corporate job.

This corporate routine started to change last year, when we became yayaless twice. I didn't feel as sad as I did in the past years.  I welcomed the challenges as opportunities for me to give staying-at-home-mommy a good try.  And you know what?  I enjoyed every single moment of it.

While I know how to do all the domesticated stuff, they aren't my most favorite.  Especially doing the L-A-U-N-D-R-Y.  But then, if I won't do it, no one will.  Though I could rehire our labandera, but nah - that's additional household expense plus I am not a donya.  I mustered all the strength I could ask from the universe, and did the laundry.
I liked it then, but I LOVE IT NOW!  I didn't realize how doing the laundry could be therapeutic. And one of the things that made me LOVE laundry is the scent of freshly laundered clothes leveled up by Downy.
If you're a Downy user, you'd exactly know what I am talking about.  The whole house smells so good when I take them out from the washing machine.  When we smell something good, it always marks a good memory hence creating a positive environment also in the family.

But it's not only the scent of Downy that hooked me to laundry.

Here are more reasons why for me Downy's the best fabric conditioner I've ever tried:

1. It has sweat activated freshness capsules - keep clothes smelling fresh even when we sweat.  I am surrounded with men in the house - an adult, a young man, a boy, and a little cutie baby boy.  Boys sweat a lot and it helps if their clothes are washed well.  With the help of Downy, even if they're out the whole day or busy with so many manly activities at work, in basketball training or in school, they still come home smelling fresh.  That's what I like about Downy compared to other fabric conditioners I've used.  Others kasi, in the middle of the day pa lang, they smell sweaty na talaga.

2. Downy helps clothes dry more quickly - I noticed with Downy, our clothes dry faster compared to using other fabric conditioners I tried in the past.  I did my research and found out that by using Downy, our clothes are left with less water residue after laundry process which results to quick drying.  This is the reason why even if the weather is rainy, no sun to dry the clothes faster after washing, okay lang, no "kulob" smell.  With Downy's technology, I am assured I always have fresh smelling clothes.  Also if it dries quicker it also means no malodor.

3. It protects clothes fabric - Downy was the first  that introduced to fabric conditioner and honestly when other brands came out, I tried others kasi mas mura.  But now I know why others are a lot cheaper, they don't have the same standard of effect on clothes compared to Downy.  I noticed that our clothes are softer and sometimes don't need ironing too.  With Downy, our clothes have less tangles or "himulmol."  And even if I spend a bit more, okay lang because with Downy, lesser ironing of clothes saves me a lot more with electricity expenses.  Plus because it protects our clothes, tumatagal ang closet life ng clothes.  Definitely a practical choice diba?
Since then, I've been a loyal Downy user, no turning back na.  I've been doing the laundry myself week after week and guess what?  Even my baby who sees me do this household chore with so much glee and enthusiasm became my little helper na!  He already knows how to load clothes into the machine, even assists in putting Downy into the fabric conditioner dispenser, and would like to operate the machine and do the laundry himself.  Nakakagigil!

I guess for him laundry is therapeutic too!

How about you?  What's your laundry love story?  Share mo naman! :)

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