Why I Left My Corporate Job

I don't know if you would agree with me when I say that deep inside as a woman, we believe that we can do so much (sometimes we think we...

I don't know if you would agree with me when I say that deep inside as a woman, we believe that we can do so much (sometimes we think we can do even more than some men - aminin!) to contribute to the society, earn our own money, be independent and self-sustaining, and be leaders and succeed in the fields we choose to be in.

Having our own money makes us feel secured and fulfilled, tama ba?  That's why, the moment we stepped out of college - we looked for jobs or entered a business venture, climbed the corporate ladder, and fulfill our career dreams!

That's exactly what I did!   Even when I became a mom the first time, the second and third time - I took on an 8 - 5 job (even rendered more hours than that actually!) to help support the family's monthly expenses, send my children to school, and help sustain the budget for our growing family's needs and wants (gifts, play dates, parties, travels, and many adventures!).  And while I earn more and more each year, I also spend more and more TIME AWAY from my children.

Working Mom Sacrifice: TIME AWAY  from my children
That was the sacrifice I made.  TIME AWAY from my children.  It worked out for almost 20 years in the corporate world - so I thought.  It was okay with my eldest because when he was growing up as a child, I was still starting with my career which meant I can get off early from work to come home to him right away.  I was still young and full of energy which also meant I had a lot of active play time with him.  Though I wasn't making much then, simple fast food dining in or free play in some playgrounds made him beam with so much joy.  He grew up happy, confident, and secured.

When my second child was born. my career was starting to blossom, I also got a promotion and though I was still young and had the energy, time wasn't enough.  I had to stay longer in the office.  I traveled frequently and stayed longer outside than at home.  I was earning better because apart from my office job, I also started blogging and earned a little, I started an online business, and I pursued my TVC career as well.  I could pretty much say we had more resources when my second son was born.  But TIME with him was compromised - and I REGRET it today.

Our family was more financially secured when my third child was conceived and born.  We had a lot more resources, I also enjoyed performance bonuses at work, my blog was earning better too, and I do other sideline projects here and there.  We had something to spend but our energies were decreasing.  In addition to that, since both of us are working - we were just repeating the same pattern as what happened to our second child.

During this time too, we've become Christians and we can say that our relationship with God has improved so much.  He saved our family from the cycle of living just to survive without having a solid life and after-life purpose.

How did GOD do that? He prepared and saved me personally from potential family damage that I may cause by not spending time with my children. He is sovereign and He knew that I will be led to resign, so He did all these things to prepare me for this new life journey:

- By putting my 3rd pregnancy at risk - He did this so I could slow down, stay at home until I give birth and get a feel of what's it like being just at home all day for three months.  He made this happen so I could see how happy my kids got when they find me in the room waiting for them, instead of the usual them, waiting for me.

- By letting me have an emergency CS - As if the three months OB-ordered bed rest wasn't enough, the 2-hour 10 cm delivery became an emergency CS, so I could stay longer at home with my newborn and the kids, and master breastfeeding.

- By letting me choose to exclusively breastfeed - By letting me have a longer maternity leave, I was able to exclusively breastfeed my baby for three months.  In that three months of breastfeeding by demand, I've seen how beautifully a woman's body is created that we're able to feed our offspring.  That made me decide to commit to exclusively breastfeed my baby for one year.  Going back to work was a challenge especially after staying at home for about six months (bed rest plus maternity leave).  To pump at work two to three times a day is a commitment and I saw it as God's way to make me feel closer to home even if I was at work.

- By letting us lose our yaya three times last year - We fired the first one, the second, third, and fourth were temps.  The one that came back after her vacation, just left without any notice.  this situation left me with no choice but to take leaves (finish them even sick leaves actually) to be able to stay at home and care for the baby.  This led me and my husband to seriously assess our situation.  Should I still stay or should I go now? We prayed really hard for this, the first time we did, God's answer was "not yet."  Then last December, it was clear, God's answer was "Yes, it's time."  So come January this year, I resigned from my 10-year job.

- By showering us with projects last quarter of 2017 - I just surrendered everything to God this time.  I admit to getting anxiety attacks during the first 2 weeks after my husband and I decided on my resignation.  But I prayed more and just put all my trust in Him.  I know I am doing everything to glorify Him.  I know I can never go wrong with the very reason why I was resigning - for my children - my real life's ministry. Without any replacement job, most would say, I am crazy.  Leaving a very stable and well-compensated (complete benefits pa) job without any plan?  That's crazy, but for me, it's obedience to what God really wants for our family.  And by just obeying, I soon realized, how God planned this for me.  He gave me  projects during the last quarter and every paid project will be my receivables for the first up to third quarter of this year.  I mean. wow God!  You're so full of surprises.  He's impressed on me to just really put my trust, put all my faith in Him that He will provide, He will never leave nor forsake me, and that He has plans to prosper me and never to harm.

So now, I am more than a month unemployed and I am loving every moment of it.  I seriously didn't plan this.  I even told a colleague my 2018 plans at work and how I wasn't going to resign anytime soon or that I would probably wait until the company retires my service.

Grabe ang galing ni God because when God wants something for you, even if you plan something else for yourself, God will make a way to make things happen.  Nothing really happens by accident.  All you have to do is to obey, be faithful, and trust that God will provide.

That's all I did.  And I've never been happier losing a full-time well-paying corporate job without any replacement than this phase in my life.  I am with my children almost 24/7 because there are still times I go out for events and meetings.  I get to blog whenever I want without feeling guilty.  I am now able to fulfill my homemaker dreams.  I am now able to pursue other passion projects I will later on reveal.  I also feel that God is preparing me more for something great.  I just don't know what exactly, but I know He is.  I've been living lighter, stress-free and praise God for letting me leave my corporate life.

So there's my resignation story.  :)  Are you a working mom?  Or also resigned like me?  Or a full-time mom working at home and chose to leave corporate a looooong time ago for the kids?  How's it been?  What's your story?  I want to hear yours and learn as well.  Please do share. :)

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  1. Hi Louise,

    Looking for my son's wedding peg but this one made me more interested. I know the feeling 14 years ago when I left a corporate job for my baby daughter. Depression was real on the first months but because of hubby's support, I pull it off step by step. Looking back, how can a freelance can graduate a Computer Science and a Culinary kiddos. Yup, God gave us the talents we can only discover once we started to max its potential. HE has greater plans and trusting HIM would be the first move. Hope to see you soon on the next event.

    Jinkee Umali of livelifefullest.com


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