Mommy Practicality Is Nominated in Nuffie Awards 2018!

Hello to all my readers, supporters, and followers.  Here's one great news for you, me, and my blog - Mommy Practicality - this Quarter ...

Hello to all my readers, supporters, and followers.  Here's one great news for you, me, and my blog - Mommy Practicality - this Quarter 1 of 2018!

Yup!  Because of all of you who pushed and nominated for me to be among the official nominees list under Nuffnang Philippine's Awards - under the Family/Parenting category - PASOK tayo momshies/popshies/beshiees! :)

All glory is HIS!  Praise God for this prestigious nomination!

Honestly, to see my blog being nominated pa lang by followers I haven't personally met (yung iba) and by my ever supportive family and friends - is alone enough to remind me of my blog's WHY and to push me to blog more quality content, to improve in all aspects, and to be more intentional in writing, especially now that I've gone full-time since I resigned from the corporate world!  And all efforts didn't go to waste - I am one of the five official nominees this year!  Woo Hoo!  A reason alone to celebrate already!

I feel like a winner already because my name is posted there together with other bloggers/influencers I admire and respect (just look at the bigatin nominees I am with diba - ang bigat talaga).  What can I say, just super THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU who nominated me and already voted for me.  SOBRA SALAMAT PO!

To everyone who hasn't voted for me yet or you have and you want to vote MORE (because you may vote for me ONCE EVERY DAY!)

Here's how:

STEP 1:  COPY this: 
I vote for Louise Fandino-Santos of @mommypracticality #NNMatchlessMomMP #Blogopolis2018

1.  Post it on your FACEBOOK or TWEET it (should be set to PUBLIC).
2.  Comment it on INSTAGRAM, go to Nuffnang's Official Announcement.

LINK to Nuffnang's Official Announcement Poster Here:


  1. Use the hashtag #Blogopolis2018. Only entrees that include the hashtag to their post/tweet/comment will be added to the final ballot.
  2. You can only vote one creator per day.  So which means, you can vote for me EVERY DAY until voting closes.  
  3. Voting is only open until 11:59 P.M., April 8, 2018, Sunday.

Again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to all of you who has been with me since I started blogging, who has supported me, who followed me on social media, who read my helpful or inspiration posts on motherhood and parenting.

Thank you and even if I don't win, I'm already a winner, because I know that I've helped millions of you who read my posts for information or inspiration.  Maraming salamat po talaga!

If you're one of those that I've touched in anyway, I hope it wouldn't be too much to ask for your support once again to vote for me in this year's Nuffie Awards.  It will really mean a lot to me.

Walang pilitan ito.  Pero please copy at paste na sa FB/Twitter/Instagram NOW NA HA!  Hahaha!  Uuuy I'm trying to be funny ha!  Funny no? hahaha!

THANK YOU momshies, popshies, and beshies!  Love you all! :)

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