My Sons' Favorite Bambini Baby Colognes

I blogged about the Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp event before the Holy Week where they launched the new look of the cologne and also...

I blogged about the Bambini Baby Cologne Family Bootcamp event before the Holy Week where they launched the new look of the cologne and also introduced their newest endorsers, Ms. Iya Villania-Arellano and super cute son Primo.

We got the complete set of the Bambini Baby Cologne for us to try at home.  My kids and I (except the teenager, who's no longer a baby - but he still is for me!) tried and tested the five cologne variants to see what will appeal to us.  Yup, there are five scents to choose from and I tell you, they all smell so sweet and fresh.  It's like having a scent for each personality or mood.

So going back to the little outdoor-y scent experiment we had, I laid all the five scents of Bambini Baby Cologne.  Here are the scents:

Morning Tickles - has a floral and sweet scent and it comes in a pink bottle.  When we think of floral, sweet, and the color pink.  We think of little girls.  My boys associated this scent variant to girls because of its color.
 Sunny Playtime - has a citrusy and fun scent which comes in orange color with a cute Lion character.  This scent variant is my favorite among the five.  
 Ocean Kisses - has the clean and breeze scent which is very well represented by its color: Blue.  At first I thought my boys will prefer this scent, but I was wrong.  This cologne gives me an impression of the feels of the ocean.  It also comes in a cute dolphin character on its bottle.
 Cotton Cuddles - has the cottony fresh scent.  If you're looking for a mild and clean scent this one's for you.  It comes in fresh color, green with the fluffy sheep as its animal character on its bottle.
 Starry Lullaby - has the calming scent among five variants.  It reminds me of its very color, Lavander, the calming natural plant applied as oil to calm, relax, and soothe babies/kids at bed time.  The name starry lullaby represents any mom-and baby nightly routine.  I can imagine the favorite children's lullaby we sing to our kids "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star." Its cute owl character also represents being nocturnal or an animal of the night.

So now, here's our review, what I like about Bambini Baby Cologne:
1. Easy-to-go grip bottles - I like that the bottles are curvy so its easy to handle and won't slip easily.
2. They come in three practical sizes - They come in 25ml, 50ml, and 125ml.  The smallest size is very handy especially for short trips to kids' pedia doctor or short pasyal to the mall or park.  So that it won't take too much space or make the baby bag heavy.  The medium is still okay for travel size for use of many persons, pwede!  The biggest bottle is for home use.
3. Distinct scent per variant - There's a scent for everybody.  The scents suit different preferences of children and even adults who just want to splash cologne when the weather is humid and they want an instant fresh feeling.
4. Scent lasts longer compared to what we use - This is proven.  The scent lasts from after my son's morning bath up to around 2pm.  So with that said, this cologne is practical to use because you don't need to re-apply many times a day.
5. Cute colors and animal characters per bottle - The cute mom-and-child animal characters per bottle are so adorable and attractive to kids and kids-at-heart.  Mapapansin mo talaga sila in the supermarket shelves.

So NOW, the big reveal!  Here's a short video on what my kids' favorite scents are:
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