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When I was younger and still studying Science and Technology and after having been to the old Planetarium during one of our field trips, I n...

When I was younger and still studying Science and Technology and after having been to the old Planetarium during one of our field trips, I never stopped wonder what’s out there in our space.  I’ve always been fascinated what’s outside earth, the universe, the galaxy, the moon, the starts, the sun, even aliens, do they exist?  But of course, when I became a mom, I shifted my fascination to my kids, human beings already, hindi na aliens.

But that outer space fascination was passed on to my boys, who love space ships and wonder about travelling to the moon, have watched about aliens’ existence on the internet and wonder what’s it like to be an astronaut.  Mind Museum’s newest travelling exhibition, Space Adventure: Journey to the Wonders of the Universe, turned their wild imaginations to reality last weekend during its opening.
The Mind Museum's Space Adventure is now OPEN!
Kids and I are about to embark on our space mission!
The Space Adventure is divided to three areas.  First is the Fantastic Universe where kids will learn about our links to the stars, cosmic calendar, the Big Bang theory, and many more.  My kids enjoyed the Star Wheel, Geoboard, and the little one sat at the Draw An Alien activity table.
Geoboard to learn about the stars
Draw An Alien activity area.
Second area is Discover Our Solar System, where we learned about our neighborhood in space, know why Pluto is no longer a planet, know our weights in different planets, phases of moon, and many more.  Speaking of differing weights in each planet, I tried weighing on Earth.  As a side story, I was filming the rise in kilograms as I stepped on the weighing scale hoping it would stop at a certain number, but it didn’t.  So I checked if it’s really Earth’s weighing scale I was stepping on, Earth naman.  As an adult, my takeaway is.. to start dieting.  Lol.  Kidding aside, the exhibits were all interactive, educational and super fun.  My kids enjoyed the different stations of learning.
Dabbing Wes at the Discover Our Solar System Area
Checking his weight in different planets
Fascinated little one.
Checking out the different stages of the moon.
He copies his big brother Wes and checks it out himself
The last area is called Explore Outer Space where kids will play pretend to launch rocket balls to Mars in Mission to Mars.  What my 7yo enjoyed best in this area is of course the Mars space Station where he role-played as an astronaut, wore an astronaut suit, went in their sleeping quarters.  Later on, the little one joined in navigating the control room pretending to maneuver the space ship.  
This boy is still as playful as he was at three years old.  Super gifted with energy!
Friendly areas for little explorers such as my little one.  The Space Sensory Table is perfect for his age with supervision.
Taught them that potatoes among other plants, were planted in space.
Both boys share their love for Space toys such as these.
And also do a simulation in controlling a space craft
He's at a pretend play stage and I love how this curious fellow loved this area.
Mission to Mars is one of his favorite activities
Many kids loved the Mars Space Station because of a close representation of a Space Craft living
Wessie the Space Explorer!
Space costume in different sizes for kids of all ages!  Here's how it felt to be an astronaut!
The Space Adventure is ONLY for kids aged 2 to 102 years old, hey that means everyone!  Yes!  K-12 students particularly will find their space science lessons in the new DepEd curriculum come alive through the different exhibits.  It’s indeed an exhibit for everybody, the little explorers get a hand on different exhibit displays while parents, they bond and guide the kids through the interactive areas.

Overall, The Mind Museum’s Space Adventure exhibit was educational, is perfect for imaginative kids of all ages, safe for bigger kids (please don’t leave smaller kids alone to explore), and highly interactive.  Adults will also enjoy the exhibit because there are a number of interesting facts that I bet you didn’t know too.  The exhibit is spacious enough though their ventilation could still be improved.  Make sure you bring towels, a fan, and extra clothes because the kids will use all those extra energies they have to explore the Space Adventure exhibit.  The exhibit is conceived and created by The Mind Museum, with the support of exhibit partners Department of Science and Technology, Neltex, and LEGO.

It will be present for a limited time only, but good news!  They have an opening promo where you could enjoy two all-day passes to The Mind Museum and Space Adventure for only Php999 when you purchase your tickets from April 22 – May 22.
The Mind Museum Operating Schedule:
Tuesdays – Sundays: 9:00am to 6:00pm (closed on Mondays)
Time Slots: 9am – 10:30am | 10:30am – 12nn | 12nn – 1:30pm | 1:30pm – 3:00pm| 3:00pm – 4:30pm| 4:30pm – 6pm

Admission Fees:
Php 250 (Adult/Child – 1.5hrs timeslot)
Php 400 (Adult/Child – All Day Pass)
Php 775 (Adult)
Php 650 (Child/Private school student up to college)
Php 340 (Public school up to college/Teaching staff)
Students and Teachers are required to present a valid Philippine school ID/ID indicating “teacher”
For more information:
Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram: themindmuseum
#SpaceAdventurePH #TheMindMuseum

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