5 Important Tips For Baby's Great Mornings

I remember the first time I became a mom?  Even the second or third time I became a new mom again.  I waited for the baby to come out excite...

I remember the first time I became a mom?  Even the second or third time I became a new mom again.  I waited for the baby to come out excitedly and when it finally happened, I experienced what it was like to be a Mom-zombie for the first two months.

Oh the first two months when he is hungry every two hours and wide awake enough to redesign my face with dark eye luggage eerr.. eye bags.  Sleepless nights.  Cranky baby.  Unpleasant mornings. But no matter how hard (and sometimes painful it was) during those times, I still wouldn't trade it for anything else.
Fast forward to today, my youngest is almost a toddler.   He sleeps longer peacefully, he sleeps more comfortably at night, and wakes up to great mornings every day.  I remember praying for his longer and unrestricted movements at night (which will not wake him up easily) plus some bedtime routine to ensure he wakes up to great mornings.

The secret to great mornings for our babies is of course a well-prepared night.  So here are some tips to keep baby well rested at night and achieve happy mornings.

1.  Give baby a warm bath.  A quick warm bath at night both refreshes and relaxes our babies.  If you have a lavender-based bath essentials and baby-safe scents or oils the better.  Lavender helps calm the baby to ensure a good night's sleep.

2.  Give baby a relaxing massage. A light massage using a natural based oil or a Paraben-free lotion relaxes our babies.  Touch therapy also is a good way to bond with your baby and make him feel loved and secured.  In no time, baby will feel sleepy, just how we feel when we go to the spa for a massage right?
3.  Read a book together - Yes, reading to babies as early as you can develops their love for reading, improves their vocabulary faster, and calms them to prepare for sleep.  Additionally, when babies are read to, their focus on the story or book of their choice (my baby has two favorite books already) keeps them away from the stimulus they got from whole day's activity.  Reading also foster physical closeness between babies and parents.  Babies feel relaxed and well-rested which gives way to a good sleep and better mornings.

4. Sing a lullaby to baby.  Sing the same lullaby at night so baby will be sleep-trained faster.  If you sing one lullaby every night, he will immediately associate it with sleeping time.

5.  Use a super absorbent diaper.  Interrupted sleep and crankiness in babies are mostly caused by wetness.  Why are diapers wet right away?  I learned that it's because of the diaper's absorption ability.  Choose the new Pampers Baby Dry Diapers for a good night's sleep.  Personally, I don't need to change his diaper at night because I swear, his diaper is still dry up to 12 hours.
When my baby wakes up in the morning, even with unchanged diaper, he's all smiles and I can tell he's definitely in a good mood!  First, he's still dry, second, because of Pampers Baby Dry's magic gel channels, we can say Goodbye Law Law and Go Galaw.  I can attest over and over to this that my baby's up and about, walking, running, sitting, hopping and dancing even if I haven't changed his diaper in the morning.  Why?  It's because the wetness at night is spread evenly throughout his diaper, the moisture is absorbed quickly and moves away from his skin making him feel dry.  His unrestrained movements allow him to discover the world and move around the house as he pleases.  Kaya Damien is always experiencing great mornings every day.

Bonus of this?  Choosing Pampers Baby Dry saves you more because of its absorption quality.  I change lesser when we used Pampers compared to other diapers.  So for us, it's definitely a more practical choice of diaper.

Wouldn't you want to have a happy baby?  Of course we all do!  So my not-so-secret tip is to ensure baby gets a good night sleep by trusting only a super absorbent and less law law diaper brand which will help give baby great mornings every day. Choose Pampers Baby Dry.  Less Law Law, Go Galaw.
Before I go, I want to share with you a quick video of Damien doing the nakaka-LSS na Pampers Go Galaw music video:

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