Let's Be Intimate. What Is The Pink Intimate System?

About a month ago, I was treated to an extraordinary non-surgical dermatology procedure.  It's called The Pink Intimate System .  Why ex...

About a month ago, I was treated to an extraordinary non-surgical dermatology procedure.  It's called The Pink Intimate System.  Why extraordinary?  Well, because it's not done on the face, not my neck, not the arms nor legs, not even the underarms, but the area we're mostly shy about down there.   Yes, down there.  The vajayjay as what others call it.  Yes our vagina.  I swear if it can only talk diba, I wonder what it's going to say to you all day!  Have you thought of that?  Well anyway....

The Pink Intimate System Treatment
Women in general, singles, in a relationship, married, and moms like us, have vagina concerns such as any of the following: itchiness, irritability especially during the time of the month, sensitivity due to pH imbalance, and various infections.  Aesthetically, we go to salons to have bikini or Brazilian waxes done too, not because we want to show it off of course not, but because of the confidence it brings when you feel clean, light, and bright down there right? Lalo na when you are a married woman who needs to work on your wife roles dutifully as you submit to your husbands.  That's another topic we will discuss on the blog too!

But like underarms, there's one thing that most of us are shy to talk about - darkening of our intimate area.  You may have tried using natural remedies such as lemon juice or calamansi juice, yogurt, egg yolk, and even coconut oil - but it may take years to get the result that you want.

Thi Pink Intimate is a topical, highly concentrated serum that is recommended for skin whitening/lightening/brightening/"pinkening" of the intimate area, particularly the vulvar area which had darkened due to many factors such as:
  • Crazy hormones due to pregnancy or monthly periods
  • Infections if there were any which caused itchiness and irritation
  • Inflammation due to other products used in the past
  • Weight problems which caused frequent friction
The Pink Intimate System
There are other factors but one thing's for sure, they all contribute to darkening of our intimate areas.  When it's dark there, psychologically speaking, our self-esteem kinda go downhill when we speak about it - actually, we just don't talk about it at all.  We even think na nakakahiya.  But when it's light and smooth in that intimate area, we are confident to talk about it.  Talk na lang, wag nang show ha! 

This treatment is non-invasive, it is quick and easy to apply even at home, no downtime, proven safe and effective, and is FDA approved too.
Whitening of Intimate Area
 What are its benefits?
The Pink Intimate System
For whom is this recommended?
This treatment is highly recommended to MOMs who after giving birth, due to hormones and weight-gain, are bothered with the darkened vagina area, inner thigh, including the buttocks area. It can also be used for darkened underarms, nipples (basta not breastfeeding anymore ok?), and neck too.

To tell you more about my experience, please watch this video I took during the procedure.  DON'T WORRY!  No video of the intimate area!  Just an interview with Dr. Joan Morallo of Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre .

As I've narrated in the video, the procedure took us only 20 minutes to finish.  The area was cleaned and dried before application of the serum.  There were three applications that day.  The other three sessions I did it at home.

I didn't feel any sting.  No feeling of irritation nor itchiness.  Plus it had no downtime.  No peeling Aesthetically speaking, my skin down there lightened.  It boosted my confidence knowing that it really lightened.  

How to do it at home:
1. Clean the area and dry.
2.  Apply the serum on the target area.
3.  Let dry for a few minutes.
4.  Wipe off with clean cloth or wipes.
5.  Repeat 1-4 twice more.  But the last application should be left to dry and not wiped off anymore.
6.  Do all every week (should be same day/time) until desired result is achieved.

If you're married like me and of course have wife duties, iba ang feeling when your husband compliments you and gets more excited because of the change he also had seen.  More than for myself, my husband is also pleased! (*wink *wink)

Will I recommend it?  Yes if you are really bothered with the darkened area, I highly recommend it for you.  If you are a beach person who loves wearing bikini and always have your intimate area waxed, I recommend this for you too.  Again, this is not only for the intimate area down there, but also can be used in other body parts which gives us a blow on our confidence (such as the underarm area, inner thighs, and even neck).  The highly-concentrated serum comes in a small bottle which you need to save up for.  But it's a skinvestment you'll thank yourself for saving up for it.  More than physical, the effect is emotional and psychological.  You'd definitely know what I am talking about if you're already a mom and a wife who's dutifully performing your tasks for your husband.

For more details, you may contact Clarence Slimming and Dermatology Centre for the procedure and cost as well.  They are located at 2nd Flr. Mila Holdings Bldg., 28 Jupiter St. corner Astra St., Bel Air, Makati.  You may call for inquiries via mobile number 0906 545 9628.

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