2018 The Year That Was, Plus Valuable Life Lessons

Before the year ends, let me greet you all a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!  Wow!  2018 is over and it had been a good great year for me ...

Before the year ends, let me greet you all a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!  Wow!  2018 is over and it had been a good great year for me due to certain pivotal events in my life which changed my direction, my outlooks, my purposes, my plans (if I still have any because I now entirely entrust my life on God's plans for me!), and even my identity.  I have so much to say and I wish I had shared more about it on my blog every time a milestone happened in the past year - almost all of which were life-changing or game changers.  But I guess, I was busy embracing them all.

My life this 2018 had been totally different from the life I had been living for years. I am more in tune to myself.  I now know better what my life's real purpose is.  I've fully embraced my role as a submissive wife and a focused mother - a homemaker.

Just like everyone, there were times I doubted myself, my place in this blogging world, my capabilities, my relevance, and even importance to my loved ones.  But whenever I come to this point, God sends people and messages to me to remind me not to worry, not to be a servant of this world, and not to keep on pursuing the wrong things like my selfish plans due to selfish motivations.  Then I would just come to my senses and realize how foolish I had been worrying too much.  God from the very beginning had planned out everything for me, all I had to do was obey.  He made things, many great things, happen to me this year.  I thought I didn't do well, but with Him now I know, that I am  loved and that I am enough.

Allow me to share with you some of the blessings or milestones that made my 2018 an awesome year!

In February, I turned my back from my 10 year corporate life from a prestigious telecommunications company which very well-compensated me and brought me to many places around the country.  I could say that I lived a fulfilled life of a campaigns strategist/specialist.  It was a happy ending so to speak because I truly prepared for leaving my working-mother-life whole-heartedly.  To this day, I never regret my decision nor even missed it.

I wrote about this major life decision here: Why I Left My Corporate Job.  My story reached many moms who were contemplating whether to leave work or continue to balance their lives as a working mom.  Now that I'm on the other side of the corporate world, I can say that one has to be truly prepared and ready for a busier life.  This decision should also be prayed hard for.

Throughout the year, as a blogger, I did several campaigns with different brands I truly use and believe in.  I am beyond grateful that these brands trusted me and my blog to be somewhat their extension, their voice.  I also know that being part of these campaigns was no accident.  All were planned by Him alone.  I also had some recognition from Feedspot Blog Reader and a surprise nomination for Top Parenting/Family Blog in Nuffnang Philippine's Nuffie Awards.
Two (2) Recognition from Feedspot Blog Reader for Top 20 Philippines Parenting Blogs and Top 15 Philippines Women's Blogs to watch out for in 2019

For these, I give glory to God.

Sharing with you these campaigns:

which landed my face on Manila Bulletin.

Elica Cream Digital Campaign
National Book Store Christmas Campaign 
This year, I also was back to some hosting and band gigs and was hired by a number of clients. Hurray!  
This year, I turned 40!  And indeed, it's true what they say, life begins at 40!

Thank you God for a life-changing 2018! Thank you to everyone I connected with this year, hope I made an impact in your lives no matter how small, like how you made in mine. If ever I've hurt or annoyed or irritated or offended you, please accept my sincere apology. Let's start 2019 right.

2018 was a year I totally surrendered to Jesus my life and let Him control the wheel. I got tired contolling my life and other peolple, planning my future, worrying about almost everything. I've learned that God has GREATER plans for us. We don't know what it really is but His plans are to prosper us and never forsake us. For all the trust I laid on Him, He's never failed me. His daily provision took care of me and my family. I'm never empty-handed in fact projects come non-stop as His way to provide for me. I never regret leaving my corporate job, a regular paying stint with complete benefits, because God was faithful to His promise that He will take care of me. And He will definitely take care of you too!

Here's to a great 2019 for all of us! Sharing just some of the lessons I learned to all of you:

1. Trust God with everything, stop worrying. He got you. Nakakatanda ang magworry.

2. His timing for your life is ALWAYS PERFECT. Never late and never too early.

3. You have no control over 90% happening in your life, you can only do so with 10% which is yourself, your heart, your reactions, your thoughts, and your actions. Yung asawa mo, you can't control him, but prayers do work wonders. Tignan niyo asawa ko bumait LALO. Haha.

4. Married women should submit to their husbands and make their children her ministry.

5. Learn to live each day with love, peace, joy, self-control, patience, gentleness, and forgiveness.

6. It's better to lose your pride (and the argument) than to lose your loved one because of pride.

7. Be more tolerant and empathic towards others, for we are all broken or once broken. Bring comfort to others just as how we were comforted when we were down.

8. Be the salt and light. No matter how cruel this world could be. Ika nga ni Catriona, look for the silver lining, be that light in the dark.

9. Use your talents, your skills, education, even your fame or fortune for the good and multiply them. God rewards those who are good stewards of His riches.

10. Our life here is temporary. Aim for eternal rewards. May everything you do glorify Him alone. Never be a servant of this world.

Greeting everyone a Blessed and a Happy New Year! GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

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  1. Worth reading po. You're truly Blessed po kasi you did do your best always madam. You open you're heart to all your activities, you're open minded and always on-the-go no matter what. 2019 I do believe it'll be much more to you and other mommies like you! Happy Happy New Year po! God Bless you always!


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