Making A New Christmas Tradition with Danes Cheese Ball

Christmas is fast approaching!  It's indeed the most awaited and most wonderful time of the year for our family, especially the kids.  W...

Christmas is fast approaching!  It's indeed the most awaited and most wonderful time of the year for our family, especially the kids.  We have Christmas traditions we follow every year.  Mostly these traditions had been passed on from one generation to another.

Traditions like putting up the Christmas Tree together, lighting up our parol, kids writing to Santa their gift wishes, filling up their stockings with treats, and of course, Noche Buena.

Ah, the cool breeze, the warm smiles and happiness brought by family reunions here and there are what makes the holidays a lot more special for our family.  We love gathering over lunch or dinner, talking endlessly, updating each other of what's happening in our lives or what's new - all these make our Christmases merry and bright.

This year, I made a few twist to our Christmas tradition.  One is making the kids list three gift wishes to Santa (so that just in case Santa won't be able to provide the first one on the list, he has options 2 and 3!) and creating a special cheese board (for we've acquired wine drinking and toasting to add to the merriment this season brings!) using Danes Cheese Ball.
Wine is best paired with cheese, crackers, freeze-dried fruits, nuts, and even cold cuts.  For the cheese part, I've created our lovely yet easy-to-do cheese board using Danes Cheese Ball.  Even kids will love to munch on something on this wonderful and attractive cheese board (something we haven't done in the past actually!).  That right there is a new tradition we will definitely keep and pass on for generations to come.
Danes Cheese Ball is a creamy cheese with rich cheddar taste which will make any dish an instant favorite come Noche Buena. It’s a deliciously festive way to add a festive touch to any pasta, salad, or meat dish! Now that it's a new addition to our Noche Buena table, it's definitely a whole new focal point to talk about, to enjoy, to celebrate as well! :)  The cheese platter will also serve as an appetizer while waiting for the clock to tick until midnight, when it's time for Noche Buena!
I believe that meaningful connections and conversations with every member of the family has diminished through the years with the introduction of technology, so why not put down the gadgets for a while, be present with your loved ones as in really present, and enjoy snacking on cheese with crackers (kids version) or Danes Cheese Ball cubes/strips with a glass of wine (for the adults) and let them know how much they are loved.  The holiday is the perfect time to also say your appreciation and even apologies (if there's a need) to your family.  Go ahead and talk, laugh, and enjoy great food!
Danes Cheese Ball is available in all major supermarkets nationwide. You can even purchase it through your smartphone using the HonestBee app and have it delivered to your doorstep with just a few clicks! Now you can enjoy more cheesy goodness without dealing with the holiday traffic, long lines at the grocery, or the hassle of finding a parking spot.
This year, make Noche Buena even more delicious and festive – make fun and new traditions with Danes Cheese Ball. Happy HoliDANES!  For more information, like Danes on Facebook (@DanesCheese) or follow their stories here: #HoliDANES

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