Super8 Funfest 2019: Bayan Ng Mga Bida

Moms are the ultimate homemakers.  Moms are managers of the household.  Moms handle the budget. Agree ba kayo dyan?  That being said, moms...

Moms are the ultimate homemakers.  Moms are managers of the household.  Moms handle the budget.

Agree ba kayo dyan?  That being said, moms are the major decision makers when it comes to prioritizing and scheduling expenses, purchasing grocery items, and even buying from the wet market (because she also has the meal masterplan).

When we handle and manage the hard-earned money for the family, it's a no-brainer that we always choose products and services which are value-for-money but not sacrificing quality.  Personally, that's my definition of practicality.  Lahat ng ito, I saw in Super8 Funfest 2019: Bayan Ng Mga Bida, when I went there during the first day of the expo!

Super8 Funfest 2019
I've been doing groceries even before I became a mom.  I love doing groceries because it has become my me-time and it's a therapeutic activity for me.  So you could say that I am a well-versed grocery shopper.  And as a consumer myself, I can say that Super8 Grocery Warehouse is where you'll get big savings with all the bundles (like Buy1 Take1 deals) discounts and promos in their stores.
Super8 Funfest 2019
Just like last year, Super8's Funfest 2019 was a fun and eye-popping experience because of all the in-booth activities and jaw-dropping discounts of different participating brands that resellers and end-consumers or momshies like me would go crazy for!

Take a look at some of the booths I got to visit in the photos below.  Some of the awesome things I observed which were consistent with almost all the booths were the following:

  • Participating companies or brands took booth set-ups to great heights.  They're not your normal square plain booths with their products on display.  There were moving mechanisms, colorful lights, light boxes, and were all distinctively noticeable.
  • All the items featured were on huge discounts.  Super8 really means it when they said Discounted Na, Discounted Pa! :)
  • Each booth has its own gimmicks like having its own show host managing their programs, celebrity appearances, dance contests, singing contests, variety shows, roleta, pick-a prize, sales professionals in costumes, free tastes, and many more!
  • People really patiently lined up to get dibs on discounted products for sale.  It was inevitable that some of the offers became out of stock quickly!  It was a sure hit for personal or family consumption more especially for business owners.

  • Attendees to Funfest 2019 don't have to worry about getting hungry for the shopping they did because there's a dining area where a number of good food stalls were located.
  • It was spacious and the dining area was well-kept by maintenance personnel.

  • Super8 do not only have sales in their minds but they have sincere customer service at heart.  They had designated booths for Help Desk, VIP Customer Relations, Customer Service, Rewards Cards Registration, and even for those using Debit or Credit Cards in their shopping transactions.

A Look At Super8 Great Buy
I'm not surprised that they have their own brand of goods and merchandise like how other supermarkets have.  What surprised me was the price points of the items available during that time.  I gave it a second look and a third visit (fist was for photo op, second was official tour, third for personal shopping time!) to fill my reusable bag for items on sale such as the following:

  • Medium Eggs
  • Raw Sugar
  • Mushroom Pieces and Stems
  • 2ply tissue rolls
  • Cooking Palm Oil
  • Distilled Water (their fast moving item)
  • Macaroni/Spaghetti noodles
  • Pancit Canton
  • And many more!

Super8 Great Buy
This year, the growing supermarket business has also grown its market with a healthy split of almost 50-50 resellers/business and end consumers.  This just means that more than reaching out to their main target market which are the sari-sari owners and mini-grocery owners, the emerging end-consumer - mostly tayo mga nanay, have now became a large part of the pie. 
Super8 Funfest 2019 Negosyo Card
This then was one of the reasons for the launch of their newest NEGOSYO CARD, an exciting program for their resellers that enables them to earn up to 2% Negosyo Rebates and avail exclusive reseller promos!

What's more, the Discounted Na, Discounted Pa Super8 Grocery Warehouse gave away a brand new Toyota Avanza car to one lucky bidang shopper!  They also showcased thrilling performances by the HEROES and HEROINES of Philippine Entertainment: the BIDAs like Jericho Rosales, Vhong Navarro and more. Indeed, led by the high-flying, resourceful and wise SUPER 8 BIDA herself, all the Bidas in the Suoer 8 Universe shopped and were entertained.

I was one of the selected guests to get a chance to interview Mr. Alvin Lim, CEO of Super8 and Mr. Armand Mendoza, Super8's Business Group Director to talk more about Super8's history, successes, what sets it apart from the competition, and where they intend to be a few years from now.
Super8 FunFest 2019
What I saw in Mr. Alvin during the talk we had was his undeniable passion for the company.  He certainly loves Super8, its people, its partners, its customers.   He believes what made them grow their stores from seven to now 76 nationwide, is their customer service - which he said goes beyond than smiling and greeting (or even dancing!)  Their service shows real concern for their customers - they pioneered the FREE DELIVERY service, but didn't actually commercialize it.  They have their customers in mind during their researches and studies in making sound promotions to ensure that they get the best deal out of their purchases to help them with their small-medium retail/wholesale businesses.

He shared that when they put their customers first, there will be returns inevitably.  When a company makes their customers happy, like in any relationship, they will stay loyal.  That's why Super8 keeps on expanding to serve more customers and spread their genuine customer service to both resellers and business owners.

A lot of these business successes stemmed from his experience as a young Alvin who grew up surrounded by their family grocery business (Suy Sing Corporation), took his vast experience in grocery distribution and trade, and bringing all these to Super8 and become the Philippines' leading supermarket and grocery operator.

He said,
“A local retailer, Uniwide, became insolvent and I rented out seven stores from them. That is how simply and quickly Super8 began. At the time there were not that many retailers around, but there was plenty of demand. Because I began by renting and only supplying the staff and goods, we broke even after 6 months.”
“From day one, we kept investing in the future,” he says. “I have never taken anything out of the company. This challenge was never about maximizing profits but more about doing the right thing from the onset and investing in our team and our infrastructure.”
He also shared that what makes Super8 reach its status today is because of these three Cs he inherited from his family- Character (keeping a good name and reputation), Culture (being fair and keeping a corporate discipline in the company), and Competence (employing highly competent people).

When we asked about what to expect from Super8 in the future:

  • Faster and more direct delivery options through the help of a number of couriers to make it happen.
  • Warehouse-to-customer business model
  • Expect more automation in grocery services
  • May possibly have a mobile app
  • Yearly Funfest Trade Events
  • More stores
Both Sir Alvin and Sir Armand answered our questions with so much excitement and passion.  You would know when one has his heart in the right place, and definitely, both gentlemen have their eyes, their hearts, and minds in Super8.
Lastly, when I asked what their message is to all the MOMS out there who are the household managers and the grocery super-masters, they have three words for US - COME, TRY, and BUY.

Personally, as a practical mom who'd been to the Funfest trade event twice, who had witnessed the excitement of people in attendance, who've seen happy and satisfied faces of the real BIDA of Super8, and who had experienced the sincere and unparalleled customer service which sets them apart - I say, when you see a Super8 Grocery it's worth your visit.  If you're a value-seeker, a smart spender, and one who wants to feel important and totoong BIDA - Super8 Grocery Warehouse is ready to serve you and answer your grocery needs.

For more information (branches, current promos, and Super8 Rewards) visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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  1. I have been shopping at Super8 and agree na ang daming discounts and promos talaga sila. I am a Super8 rewards holder and nagagamit ko nang maigi points ko maam. May Negosyo Card na nga po sila. Sayang we didn't see each other nung Fun Fest. Andun din po ako with my kids. :) Ang saya yearly ng event nila po.

    1. Hello! Sana pala we saw each other! And true si Super8 sa Discounted na Discounted pa sila. Lalo kapag FunFest, they always launch something exciting to make shopping always a unique customer experience. Naku, who's this please?

  2. Wow! This is super cool to know! Thanks for sharing this mommy Louise! 😊👍🏻

  3. Wow! Andaming best deals pang tipid at practical moms nga like us sis. Haha!

    And I love what you've shared that they value customer service above anything else.

    1. Agree! Bagay na bagay sa ating dalawa! :) And regarding Customer Service, I am happy talaga that they value that more than any! :)

  4. after my Super8 experience, i only wish sana may maayos na parking sa Nova Bayan para we can do our grocery sa Super8 don. Pero oo nga pala, i can dobky grocery and request them to deliver it. wala palang dapat problema. ang galing lang nila.

    1. Yes.. hurray to grocery delivery.. super convenient! :) Lalo na now, wala na yung isang app na online grocery diba?


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