Cordlife Philippines Celebrates 10th Anniversary

When my second child was born, I already saw a flyer of Cordlife in the clinic of my OB-GYN.  Cordlife was fairly new in the market at that ...

When my second child was born, I already saw a flyer of Cordlife in the clinic of my OB-GYN.  Cordlife was fairly new in the market at that time.  I got so curious but I didn't get a chance to know more about it by asking.  Six years later, when I was pregnant with my youngest, I finally had the courage to ask about it, talk to a Cordlife agent and when the time came that I was about to meet her to sign up, I had pregnancy complications and had an emergency CS.  In short, I regret to this day that I wasn't able to avail of their cord banking service.

Now, Cordlife is celebrating its 10th year in the Philippines with its headquarters in Singapore.  I had the pleasure to attend their celebration with my other mom friends.  I learned more about their services and why it's one of the lifesaving investments a family could do.  Through testimonies of their clients, celebrities and regular parents, and discussions with a doctor panel, I fully understood how it's beneficial for the family.  If ever I'll have another child, I'll make sure to really go for it.
Our family has a history of cancer, diabetes, and high blood.  Having cord blood banked could have done so many miracles especially with the list of stem cell treatable diseases that continuously grows ar a rapid pace.  Through this development, many illnesses that were deemed incurable now have cures, and cord blood banks have started to be set up all over the world.
Cordlife is amongst the leading players for private cord blood banking services in most of the markets it operates in, namely Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and the Philippines.

It All Began with a Chance and a Choice
This year, Cordlife Philippines has reached a significant milestone of 10 years in the consumer healthcare industry. But the greatest breakthrough in their journey began with a decision they made a decade ago. A chance they took and a choice they made back then that proved to be right.

Their cord blood banking service was first introduced to the Philippine market in April 2009, and was headquartered in Antel Corporate Centre in Ortigas.

Their cord blood processing and storage facility in UP AyalaLand Technohub in Quezon City was established in 2010. It has a storage capacity for 30,000 cord blood and cord lining units and is built in accordance to global gold standards to give local families peace of mind.

It is the first and only stem cell bank to be registered with DOH and to be certified by ISO in the country since 2012. Cordlife is also the first in the Philippines to earn the prestigious AABB Accreditation in 2017.

A Decade of Quality Cord Blood Banking and Beyond
During the past 10 years, Cordlife Philippines has built a tradition of delivering the highest of quality standards in service and product offerings to every Filipino family. From less than ten, their team of highly talented and dedicated workforce grew to almost a hundred nationwide.
To provide families with more treatment options in the future, they launched their cord lining banking service in 2013. And to ensure that their clients’ health is well taken care of in the most holistic way possible, they introduced Cordlife Care360° Safeguard Program, Cordlife Shield, Cordblood Network, and Cordlife Transplant Care.

Now, more and more families are gaining access to cord blood and cord lining banking as the company extends their services in Visayas and Mindanao with the opening of their Cebu and Davao satellite offices.

Their prolific years of experience in umbilical cord blood banking pushed them further to offer more quality services. Hence, the introduction of their umbrella brand, Genscreen®. With Genscreen®, they launched genetic screening services such as: NICE and Prevue Non-Invasive Prenatal Tests and PlumCare DNA Advisor, the first and only family genetic testing in the Philippines.

More than just a Cord Blood Bank
With the power of cord blood stem cells in their care, Cordlife Philippines values great responsibility to their community as well. That is why in 2017, they pioneered a national advocacy called One Blood. The CSR program grants free cord blood banking to qualified pregnant moms with family history of diseases that can be treated by cord blood stem cells.

In celebrating the first ever World Cord Blood Day in the country, Cordlife Philippines joined hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals, celebrity brand ambassadors, and Cordlife moms to spread awareness about cord blood and cord blood banking through informative talks and lectures.

And as a gesture of gratitude to their clients, Cordlife introduced their Privilege Card that offers discounts and promos from their trusted partner brands.

Their journey in saving lives does not end here. The gift of giving chances and choices in securing precious stem cells will continue as they remain steadfast in providing reliable healthcare solutions and delivering excellence in cord blood banking and more.

With a firm belief that their services may offer life-changing and life-saving therapeutic options for families in the future, their commitment to continuously offer quality services will never be compromised. Because after all, Cordlife is really all about celebrating the gift of life!

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