Newthera Treatment At Aesthetic Science Clinic, Experience and Review

I've taken self-care more seriously since I turned my back from corporate life.  I realized that I have been working and stressing for...

I've taken self-care more seriously since I turned my back from corporate life.  I realized that I have been working and stressing for years to meet deadlines, launch projects, to present marketing plans, deliver blog duties plus other passion projects, and the most important of all is fulfill my wife and mom duties at home.  I rarely take notice of caring for myself. Mindful self-care wasn't regular.

I neglected my skin.  Because of this, I get acne breakouts (hormonal and because of not having regular facials) and my skin started to show signs of aging like sagging, the appearance of fine lines and having a double chin.  Though I've been religiously following a skincare routine at night, topical skin care isn't enough to get my desired skin rejuvenation.  Though many have said I don't look my age, there are still some skin aging issues that I want to be addressed.

I was referred by a dear friend to the beautiful Dr. Yanee Vasquez, founder and Medical Director of Aesthetic Science Clinic.  Dr. Yanee and I met in their Makati branch (there's another in Alabang) to check the condition of my skin and recommend the best facial treatment to address whatever concerns I have.

But I don't want any surgery. I can't afford downtime.  Invasive treatment isn't my thing.  

Dr. Yanee said not to worry.  Aesthetic Science has what they call NEWTHERA an anti-aging treatment perfect for individuals whose faces have shown signs of aging especially on the face and neck area.

They say, usually sagging jaw or the neck areas are age giveaways.  For these there's Newthera.

  • Newthera is a non-invasive and non-ablative treatment for tightening and firming of the skin of the face and the neck. 
  • It restores youthful look without dermal fillers or plastic surgery.
  • Newthera can deliver instant results, visible lifting will be noticed over time.
  • This uses safe ultrasound technology to regenerate collagen and give a visible but natural-looking lift to the jawline after a few weeks.
  • A single session of Newthera can already tone and tighten mildly loose skin on the
  • Makes you look younger than your real age
  • It uses a High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound machine from South Korea
  • One session could last you a year or depending on skin condition.
Newthera penetrates into the deep layers of the skin reaching the SMAS or the submuscular aponeurotic system. Heat-generated by the ultrasound device induces tightening and toning of the skin by creating thermal defects that promote collagen and elastin regeneration. Microscopic studies have shown strengthening and an increase in the number of collagen and elastin fibers. These microscopic changes in the reticular and deep dermis of facial tissue result in tighter, smoother and younger-looking skin.

A week before having my treatment, I visited Aesthetic Science Clinic Makati for a consultation.  Since I kind of neglected my facial skin health, my face showed sun spots, acne marks, whiteheads, blackheads, and discoloration.  I had facial with diamond peel which will better prepare my skin for the Newthera treatment I was about to take a week after.

Now I know why Aesthetic Science Clinic offers THE. BEST. FACIAL. IN. MANILA!  The facial therapist had very gentle hands, thorough in cleaning, was pleasant yet professional, no pain at all, and my face was clean, fresh, and soft after!  I was glowing.

A week after, I came back for Newthera.  On a normal patient, the treatment includes topical anesthesia and a cool healing cream after the procedure. I would like to consider myself special because I still breastfeed my youngest.  The topical anesthesia which was supposed to stay on my face for a good 45 minutes could enter my bloodstream chances are, my son would take it in somehow.  I opted not to have any anesthesia nor the healing cream.

You may watch my treatment experience vlog below:

Is anesthesia necessary? 
Yes especially if you have a low tolerance for pain or your skin is sensitive or you've never had a laser treatment before.  But during the talk with Dr. Van (Dr. Yanee wasn't available that time), she was able to manage my expectations and explained to me the risks, what I could possibly feel without the anesthesia.  I assessed and said I'd go for it.

What oral medication is recommended?
Patients who are not allergic to Paracetamol are advised to take one capsule before bedtime on the day before the procedure, one capsule after breakfast on the day of the procedure and one capsule one hour before the NT procedure.  This is to manage or relieve any pain that I may experience.

Is facial before Newthera treatment necessary?
A clean face is always better to begin with than one that's not.  I had facial with diamond peel a week before Newthera.

Other treatment protocols: Newthera may be done after a Diamond Peel procedure.  Botox may be done on the same day after Newthera procedure. However, for patients who have had Botox done, they should be advised to have the Botox treatment after 3 to 4 weeks of NT procedure/

How's the procedure?
1. My treatment started with cleaning my face
2. Dr. Van outlined my face with targeted areas for contouring and tightening and marked X the areas which cannot be touched.
3. A cool gel was applied on my face for repelling the heat coming from the machine upon impact on my face.
4. Start of treatment.

Was it painful?
To be honest, because I've had Revlite treatments in the past which gave me "gulat" factors every contact of the machine on my face, I didn't feel any pain on the face.  I felt the impact on boney areas which are my jaws and forehead.  But had I have anesthesia, I wouldn't feel anything on those areas too.

How long was the procedure?
After around 30 minutes, wow, we're done!  Yes, it was that quick!  Add the time for consulting, cleaning, it took me around one hour tops. They applied a collagen mask instead of the healing cream (which has steroids by the way) on me to calm my skin.  I went home after the treatment.

Was there a downtime?
Downtime means, if my regular work or routine is compromised or stopped temporarily due to the treatment.  There's none.  No Downtime. But the effects of the impact on my jaw areas were felt for about two weeks. Do you know the feeling of lightly bruised for hitting a surface?  It's something like that.  It made me feel that the treatment was still activated in the deep layers of my skin and that's how I know it's going to give me great results.

What are the other possible side effects of the treatment?
1.     Swelling
2.     Transient erythema or redness
3.     Temporary numbness
4.     Soreness of area treated
5.     Occasional pain and slight discomfort of the area treated
6.     Headache
7.     Urticaria/Linear Striations and Edema

2 months after the Newthera treatment at Aesthetic Science Clinic. 
Face is younger-looking and tighter as well!

"Wow mare, your face is tighter, and the jaw ha, parang more pronounced?  What did you do?"
- Joy Yap, mom of two, professional make-up artist, beauty consultant, mompreneur

"Louise, parang lately lalo kang bumabata!  Ang liit din ng face mo lalo ngayon!" 
- Maricel Prado, Executive Assitant,, churchmate, appreciates beauty.

"Ate, napansin ko yung jaw areas mo para ngang nagcontour, and yung skin nag-tighten!"
- Ehm Santos, sister-in-law, mom of three, mompreneur.

"Kaya pala ang ganda ng skin mo momsh...Nakatitig ako sa yo last Saturday, kasi younger-looking skin."
- Shishi Cruz De Leon, mom of one, career woman, and vlogger.

These were just some of the comments I received after the treatment.  I didn't tell them about the treatment, but I was so happy to hear them say something good about the way my face looked younger.  They noticed the tightening and contouring on my face.  After receiving these wonderful and flattering comments, I told them about Newthera.

Indeed the treatment gives visible results as early as 2 weeks.  Up to this day, my face gets tighter and looks younger!  There was no hyperpigmentation, again no downtime.  I highly recommend this to friends who are intentional about skincare and would like to address some aging concerns.  As Doc Van said during the treatment, this is best recommended to ages 35 and up.  How often?  It actually depends on the condition of your skin.  It may be once or 2x a year.

According to Aesthetic Science Clinic, here are some indications for treatment:

1.     Tightening of the Skin in The Face and Neck Area
2.     Improvement of the Nasolabial Fold and Marionette Lines
3.     Contouring of the Face
4.     Lifting of the Jaw Line/ Improvement of Sagging of the Jowls
5.     Lifting of Sagging and Drooping of Eyelids
6.   Tightening of Double Chin
7.     Instant and Immediate Skin Rejuvenation of Face and Neck

On the treatment:

The Newthera treatment itself wasn't painful for me and it was fast.  Doc Van explained every step clearly and told me some skincare tips plus facts about collagen.  She made the treatment comfortable for me as well.  The slight discomfort or soreness post-treatment was bearable and not something that I would need to rest it out.  Post-treatment care instructions were given which I followed religiously.

On staff and physical clinic:

Doc Van was really kind, detailed, and informative.  She's so pleasant!  Ate Belle the one that assisted during the treatment (she's good din daw with body massage and body scrubs!  I will try that soon!), was always smiling and it shows that she enjoys what she's doing and she loves her job.  The reception staff in their Makati clinic are all professionals yet warm, they make sure their clients are comfortable and attended to right away.  The clinic's ambiance has the right mood lighting, not too bright, which makes their clients feel relaxed like how you are in a spa upon entry.

On results and effectiveness: 
To say that I am highly satisfied with the results of the Newthera treatment is an understatement.  I still get super positive comments about my skin!  I am happy it's really tighter, I look younger than my age of 40, and I can even go out confidently without makeup! The result started to be noticeable 2 weeks post-treatment.

I am a HAPPY Aesthetic Science Clinic patient/client!  I will definitely go back to try more services! Special thanks to Doc Yanee for allowing me experience the Newthera treatment!

To know more about the Newthera treatment, other available services, and promos, visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram  You may also follow their stories with this hashtag: #bestfacialinmanila


G/F Kennedy Center Building Prime St. corner Venture St. Madrigal Business Park Alabang, Muntinlupa City
(632) 809-8021
(63917) 808-2921
Clinic Hours:
10AM to 7PM (Mon-Sat)
12PM-6PM (Sun)

G/F Jupiter Place Building Jupiter Street,
Bel-Air, Makati City
(632) 899-3643
(63917) 808-2926
Clinic Hours:

11AM to 9PM (Mon-Sat)

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  1. Hi Momshie gusto ko din yan NEWTHERA anti aging treatment someday hehe pag 40 na ko hehe mgkno po kya Face treatment na yan? Once a month po b?


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