Have a WORMY-free Community and Be Worry-Free with MEBENDAZOLE (ANTIOX)

All moms have the same prayers for their families, to have a family that’s complete, safe from harm, and a family that’s healthy.  To live a...

All moms have the same prayers for their families, to have a family that’s complete, safe from harm, and a family that’s healthy.  To live a highly comfortable life is secondary for those who know better.  When we talk about health, the first thing we think about is usually food, then hygiene.  We can make our husband and kids eat healthy food by following the food pyramid.  On hygiene, washing hands before and after eating or using the restroom make us less susceptible to sickness.  Good hygiene also includes regular bathing, brushing teeth, and sanitizing some body parts and even our surroundings.  Why do we do that?  Because we all believe that having a tip-top hygiene will save us from getting ill such as getting worms.

When I was younger, panakot ng parents ko sa akin ang worms when she would tell me to take a bath.  I would be really scared and get disgusted at the thought of crawling worms inside my body.  But now that I know better, I don’t use the same panakot to my kids.  Because I now know better that it’s a misconception that worms can only be obtained by having poor hygiene.  Guess what?  WORMS ARE EVERYWHERE!  Now that would be scarier to my kids if I use that line right?  Walang pinipili ang worms, kasi napapasa siya!

Shocked?  I was too when I first found out.  Imagine we could all obtain worms, whether you’re the cleanest in the room or not.  And guess what, kids aren’t the only ones susceptible to worms, even adults too!  OO!  Mommies and even daddies!  You and me – we could obtain worms too!  And when that happens, oh no it’s so hard to manage such a stressful and sickly environment at home which may have a ripple effect to the community – lalo kung mapasa naman sa kapitbahay or katrabaho or relatives or friends, right? 

How’s it spread?  According to SA Health Australia, worms may be passed because worm eggs may fall off into bedding or clothing, or be wafted into the air, settling on many surfaces in the home or school. They can survive for up to 2 weeks in the environment and can easily be picked up and cause infection in other people. 

That’s why it’s really important for us to deworm and MEBENDAZOLE (ANTIOX) is a known brand that will do the job for us.
Mebendazole Antiox
Loves, deworming is not only for kids ha!  I know, we all used to think that nakakahiya kapag nagpa-deworm.  You may even think pa of what others would say like – “Ha? May bulate kayo sa family?”  Which you could reply with “Yes, and maybe so do you.  So pa-deworm ka na rin!”  I am sure he/she will thank you for educating her about it and how to deworm using Mebendazole (Antiox).
But seriously, by deworming, you can surely say that you’ve done all you can to optimize the health and wellness of your family.  And when you are a worm-free family, you could help make your community a safer and worm-free environment to be.  Who wouldn’t want that right?  That’s all possible with the help of Mebendazole (Antiox).  Kaya mommies, pass the message today! 

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