Baon Preps With Bits N' Chips From Snackeroo

Wes finally got back to school last week and he survived the rainy week of meeting his new classmates, getting around his newly renovated ca...

Wes finally got back to school last week and he survived the rainy week of meeting his new classmates, getting around his newly renovated campus, and getting back to the old routine.  That routine involves waking up earlier, dressing up, eating a nutritious breakfast, going to school, finishing his #WesBaonToday, going home, and doing homework.

I believe every student needs all the energy they could get to get things done at home and in school.  For that to happen, they should pack a good snack and lunch to school so that even when they are away, we know they are still cared for through the food we prepare for them.

Kaya for the going three years in a row (I still have a full school year ahead!) ineeffortan ko talaga ang #WesBaonToday preparation niya.  Recently, I discovered so many new snacks for his recess from Snackeroo.  If you're my Facebook or Instagram follower, you've noticed that I've been posting his baon and snacking already.

The whole family is raving about Snackeroo's Bits 'n Chips!  They are packs of BAKED and not FRIED flavorful biscuits that kids will love and even everyone in the family!  It comes it two most favorite chips flavors: Cheese and Barbeque.

1.  The taste of chips, just healthier - Instead of eating junk foods, which happily my kids are not so fond of, these biscuits give the same flavor and yummy treat only in biscuit form!  I've never looked at biscuits the same again after tasking these.

2.  Two flavors to choose from - Whether you're team cheese or team barbecue, you're covered! I love the tanginess of its barbecue flavor making this my new healthy snack for times when I crave for chips.  The cheese flavor is my kids' favorite variant.

3.  It's BAKED! - I love that it really says on its packaging that it's baked and not fried, making it a healthier snack option not just for the kids but for the whole family.

4.  It comes in a perfect size - The packs of biscuits are just right for kids and even adults to consume.  Only 95 calories per pack.  It's a pack that your kids could finish feeling full so you're assured there will be no wastage.  Wes came home with his empty baon after school and any baon-prepping-mom's happiness is just that!

5.  It's versatile - It can be prepared as baon of the kids or served to guests during gatherings with dips. You could also use it for cooking loves!  Just crush the chips, roll your marinated chicken fingers on the crushed Bits 'n Chips, and fry them!  So versatile and any practical mom would love it!

For baon preparations, I recommend this new discovery, Bits 'n Chips from Snackeroo!  Snackeroo is the makers of Iced Gems, our childhood favorite snack.  They have so many other variants which you could also add to your children's baon too!

Check out the other cookies and biscuits from Snackeroo that are part of my baon prepartion for Wes:
Snackeroo Bits 'n Chips and all other variants, our current favorites too (Big Boss, Itsy Bitsy, and Heartsies) are available in selected Robinsons Supermarket and Puregold Supermarket branches.  For updates and other details, you may follow them on Facebook and Instagram.  Try them too loves so you'll also find a lot of #HappinessInASnack!

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