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As mothers, we always feel that 24 hours a day still isn't enough to do all the things we want to do in a day.  Fact is, we never re...

As mothers, we always feel that 24 hours a day still isn't enough to do all the things we want to do in a day.  Fact is, we never really run out of things to do.  We always tend to multi-task, to take care of the household, to work, to prepare kids for school, do our wife duties, manage helpers, clean the house, cook, do budgeting, and pay bills.

For example lining up in banks or other government establishments just to pay bills or contributions could eat up so much time already.  Plus take up our other resources like energy, effort, money (transportation and even food), and also patience.  We always wish we could spend the time with other important things like play with our kids or cook for the family!

So self-service management apps that make moms' lives easier and more convenient is always welcomed as good news!  One app which makes this possible is MONEYGEMENT APP.  I learned about this during an event I attended earlier this month.

Feliz Lucas is its mombassador and helped gather moms like me who would need this too.  She uses it, she loves its convenience, and she highly recommends the app to all of us at the venue.
Feliz Lucas talking about the convenience of the app and how it made her busy life so much easier.
I was with other moms during the event where we were pampered by the way by Benefit Cosmetics, Recovery Mode MNL, took home gifts from Kurin Water and Winsome Box.  We also had a sumptuous spread of delectable food from The Coffee Project.

Icel of The Momma Writes, Gracie of Tipid Mommy, Feliz Lucas, and Fran of Franny Wanny

With awesome mom blogger friends in attendance and Moneygement App's Ma. Jessica Palmiano (CEO of Togetech Inc.)
I had a simple makeover and eyebrow tutorial by Benefit Cosmetics
Back massage done by Recovery Mode MNL
Winsome Box giveaway, a well-curated box of useful and practical gifts for us moms and boss mamas!
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Kurin Water demonstrated how powerful its natural All-Purpose Cleaner is.  These are my jewels which were finally sparkling after a few minutes of submerging in Kurin Water.
Moneygment is a mobile-based payments solution designed for self-employed individuals.  Through the app, users can compute and file taxes, pay government contributions, utility bills, loans, and insurance payments.

It is convenient and easy-to-use, and secure. It's not only for self-employed individuals but also for kasambahays, unbanked, OFWs and even corporations. It is developed by Togetech Inc.

During the event, the conversation circulated more about moms' needs, their daily struggles at home, paying bills, and taking responsibility for paying their kasambahay's SSS, Philhealth, and Pag-Ibig as mandated in the "Kasambahay Law."

Moneygment enables household employers take care of the helpers and also educate them to take advantage of the technology on sending money to their loved ones and paying their own contributions themselves.  This way, not only we're protecting our kasambahays, but we let them know they are valued.

Before you could enjoy the app's convenience when it comes to paying bills or contributions and other transactions, you have to:

1. Download the app via Play Store or Apple Store for FREE.
2.. Register your account using a legitimate email address and by nominating a password for sign in.
3.  Check your email for verification.
* You could also sign in using your Gmail or Facebook accounts

Once you enter the App, you'll see a summary of all the transactions you could do with Moneygement.

1. Pay Pag-IBIG, Philhealth and SSS.
2. Calculate, pay and file taxes.
3.  Pay bills and other utilities. - You can pay for cable TV, Collections Servicesm Communication, Credit Cards, Government Agency, Internet, Memorial Plans, and utilities.
4.  Apply and pay for loan - coming soon.
5.  Apply and pay for insurance or investments.
6.  Top Up and Send Money - For sending money, you could have them pick them up at the following: BDO, Cebuana Lhuiller, ML Kwarta Padala, and Palawan Pawnshop.  To top up, you could either pay via bank transfer, ECPay, Dragon Pay, or 7-Eleven branches.


What I like about the app is that it's secure.  One can tell from the sign in process with its email verification and also signing in using Facebook or Google accounts which are both big platforms that has unquestionable security features.  Next, their payment channels are all proven secured as well, I've transacted safely in other platforms and online shops mostly through ECPay, Dragonpay, 7-Eleven, and of course nothing's safer than actually going to the bank.  You'll also get a summary of all your transactions such as what you see on your online banking.  You'll know if you've had irregular transactions through this feature.  Even on social media, Moneygement posts very useful and helpful informatin on let's say SSS contribution deadlines, managing money, investing, and many more value-adding posts!  Though some transactions aren't available yet, and other merchants or companies you need to pay bills, the existing transactions already spell convenience, especially to busy moms who have little time in a day to do household chores, care for kids, work from home, be a wife, and also do self-care.  It also allows any household employer abide the Kasambahay Law and let their helpers know they are valued.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants hassle-free bills payment, sending of money, calculating and paying of taxes for self-employed or those with small businesses (because it's more practical than hiring someone to do it for you), and just simply have not enough time to go out brave the traffic, and wait in line, then this app is also for you.

Download MONEYGMENT APP for free on Play Store or Apple Store today.  For updates and lots of informative content, you may follow them on Facbeook or Instagram.

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