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I've been sharing on my blog and social media channels that my mom passed away five years ago because of cancer.  When you go through th...

I've been sharing on my blog and social media channels that my mom passed away five years ago because of cancer.  When you go through the ordeal of seeing your loved one suffer until he or she finally succumbs to the disease, you realize how precious life really is.;  You realize that material things, fame, and even success is not as important as having a gift of good health.  Still very blessed that although my mom was given just two months to live (if you still call that living) after its diagnosis, she already knew the value of life and how having a good personal relationship with God is important.  It was as if she was ready, she forgave everyone, she smiled until her last conscious days, and had let go of everything peacefully.  Dying to Big C sucks to those who are left behind, one of them is me.

That's why when I was asked by the Love Hope Faith Group to help promote their advocacy, I readily said YES! YES! YES!  I know how it feels to have a loved one lose her battle to Cancer.  My mom was 70 and she had lived her life and served the church for more than a decade already.  But what about those little children who are too young to be fighting the disease?  Too young to be fighting for their chances to live?  Too young to be suffering from the physical, emotional, and psychological pain which Cancer may bring them?

We all have a chance to HELP them and SUPPORT them with their fight against cancer through noble and respectable organizations/companies such as Love Hope Faith Group.

LOVE HOPE FAITH stands for the organization's core values.  They live a life full of LOVE.  They encourage everyone to seek HOPE in everyday.  They walk in the light of FAITH.  They are a company who helps and serves cancer patients since 2003 by supporting patients win their fight against the Big C and at the same time help and encourage other people to be life savers.  Particularly their beneficiaries are CHILDREN who are cancer fighters.  Through Love Hope Faith, we could fight with these children as well!

They are a simple company with a BIG vision that is to be able to reach 10,000 cancer patients in 2020. As of May, 2019, they already reached out to 600 cancer patients and that's indeed a milestone.  But with OUR HELP, we can reach more patients and be a lifesaver ourselves.

Their main tool is to raise funds by marketing their LifeSaver shirts and LifeSaver watches.  I've used their shirt and a few of their watches to show my support to their company.  I pray that this post will touch your hearts too and extend help to the organization and be also a lifesaver in your own way by purchasing either their shirt or watch (better if both!).  Each item only costs PHP300.00!

For every purchase of a LifeSaver item, 50% goes to the fund they give to their children beneficiaries. The shirts are quality made, it's thick and comes in different sizes. It has 2 simple minimalist designs which I like a lot.
The Lifesaver watches are also a great deal for its price because it's Japan movement, scratch free, water resistant, hypo-allergenic silicone strap, and it's fashionable too.
 It's available in these colors: black, white, beige, grey, pink, green, red, and navy blue.
Greater for personal use or as a gift. This is a perfect choice for purchasing a meaningful item because you know it's for a cause. There can be no other fulfilling purchase than one which you know would go to a deserving beneficiary.

I love that their tools are COMFORTABLE, FASHIONABLE, and comes with a GREAT CAUSE.

Let's help them by purchasing their Lifesaver Shirts and Lifesaver Watches.

SHOP through their FACEBOOK PAGE/SHOP or through their WEBSITE

If you are a mother, if you love children, if you have a loved one who passed away because of cancer or if you have friends who may be suffering from this disease, you may show support by helping organizations raise funds to help children with cancer have a fighting chance.

Let's share the same LOVE, HOPE, and FAITH with each other!  Have a great week ahead!

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