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These days, more and more people give importance to their health and wellness.  This is a good sign because not only serious illnesses due t...

These days, more and more people give importance to their health and wellness.  This is a good sign because not only serious illnesses due to chronic stress may be minimized, but mindful people develop good relationships with themselves and their loved ones.  After all, if you ask any parent such as myself, I'm more conscious now to choose a stress-free life and look after my well-being because I want to live longer for my children.

That's why I am intentional in managing stress, slow down when life takes over me, and stop to smell the flowers when busy days come.  One of the best solutions to destress when I become exhausted because of the demands of being a wife, being a mother, and being a WAHM  is to get a massage.  One of my favorite go-to spa is The Spa, and I'm glad they've opened a new branch somewhere close to my location - The Podium in the Ortigas district.

I'm happy to be invited to its ribbon cutting, I came with my cute date Damien.

Sharing with you now what to expect in The Spa Podium:

Upon entering The Spa Podium, you'll be greeted with their signature ambiance complemented by the relaxing scent of essential oils and soft music ready to lull you to total surrender as you lay down your tired body on their massage beds.
The Spa Podium is their 7th branch and it's consistent with The Spa's opulent and luxurious interior design.  Its design showcases tropical sanctuary where British colonial design meets contemporary Asian elements, a lot of green and teal, and natural patterns of wood and weaves.

Each door of their rooms is like an entrance to the escape from the busyness of your daily grind.  It feels as if you're about to enter a door to your beachfront room.  It certainly takes you away from the city for a blissful relaxation experience whether it be massage, facial, body treatment or any of their foot services.
There are a total of 6 Junior Suites.  It also offers three Premier Suites for those who wish to have an elevated experience because these suites offer steam/shower facilities.

Below are photos of their Premier Suite
This particular room is their couple room which has two massage beds, each having its basket of The Spa robe and bath towel.
 At the back of the beds, you'll see their bath tub which is an experience in itself.

This room is complete with bath and hygiene needs.
It has handsoap, lotion, powder, and cotton buds.  Hairdryer is also available for use.
 The bath tub is available for use in this room.
This is The Spa's executive private room for those who want to relax and getaway for a short while solo.  You'll see Damien, checking out its room facilities, he said it's all working and passes his standards by the way! :)
The Spa Podium offers massages (Shiatsu, Swedish, Combination, and Deep Tisue), body treatments (Crystalline Skin Body Treatment, Coffee Rub, and Sea Salt Scrub), facials (Restorative Water Lily facial, The Spa Signature Age Defense Treatment, and the Light & Luminous facial), and foot services (Oriental Foot Therapy, Thai Foot massage, and Peppermint Foot scrub).

They also offer gold (semi-annual) and platinum (annual) memberships.  For retail are their popular The Spa Wellness Gift Cards, GCs, burner and essential oil sets, and their famous The Spa signature ginger tea packs.

Good news to those who also look for a complete wellness experience through excercise, The Podium branch has a brand new barre3 studio that can accommodate 15 students per class.  Students can expect a 60-minute full-body workout that combines strength conditioning using bodyweight and handheld weights, cardio, and mindfulness focused on alignment and breath.  They offer classes for beginners and seasoned exercisers alike.

The clean, spacious, and beautiful barre3 studio.
Secured lockers for class attendees where you could put your belongings while busy with the workout.
The barre3 studio is equipped with weights, mats, sound system and other workout essentials to help class attendees reach their wellness and fitness goals.
The Spa Wellness at The Podium is located at the 4th level of the new wing expansion of The Podium.  I am personally relieved to have this branch, which I think is the closest to where I reside because I really feel like going on a vacation or a retreat whenever I would get a massage from The Spa.  I also wrote about it one time on the blog before, click THE SPA REVIEW TRINOMA BRANCH AND THE SPA REVIEW GREENBELT BRANCH.

For more information or inquiries, like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram too.  You may also check their website here:  Now sharing with you some tips on managing stress.


The newest branch of The Spa Podium offers two of the stress-management tips I want to share which are:
1. Get a massage, facial, or body scrub when you're feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed with the daily responsibilities you face at work or even at home.  Moms especially need this me-time as part of self-care routine.  Let's not wait for some lovin from others, let's start loving ourselves better and always know that you truly deserve it.  Never doubt nor feel guilty about stepping away for an hour or two to treat yourself.  Go ahead and loosen those tighten muscles or bodies with a deep tisue massage!

2. Exercise to get happy hormones coming.  Our kids get their happiness and energies from us, let's make sure we give them our bests.  Did you ever want to come home to an angry or tired-looking mom when you were a child?  No.  It's the same for our children.  We want them to grow happy and positive and exercise such as barre3 in The Spa could help give get fit and be happier than usual.  If time doesn't permit, home exercises would do.  There are a lot of floor exercises we could do, search online and you could choose routines or programs that best fit your lifestyle.  Yoga is another thing, running, getting into sports.  The important thing is to just Start and Move!

3.  Breathe Deeply.  Did you know that as simple as breathing deeply in and out already helps in relieving toxins and stresses in our bodies?  It's also a good exercise in controlling our emotions before bursting out.  It's also helpful in parenting!  Instead of yelling out of frustration and exhaustion or even anger, breathing helps you calm down.  I am still perfecting this because I am guilty of just bursting it all out.  So yes, let's do this altogether to maintain peace at home. 

4.  Pray.  When I am stressed and tired, I practice resorting to prayer first.  Actually I start and end my day in prayer.  There's no exact time that I pray, I pray any time of the day. I pray to give thanks, I pray to ask for guidance, I pray to ask for a miracle, I pray to ask forgiveness, and I pray for my loved ones.  I also lift up all my challenges, all my exhaustion, all my sickness and whatever worries I have.  It always works for me.  I always end with peace and joy in my heart.  I also am reminded with this verse, "Don't worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart. And God's peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)

Hoping you all have a stress-free life!  

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