My Latest Laundry Discovery Using Downy Expert Kontra Kulob

Rainy season is here again and usually when it starts to rain moms experience a number of challenges in her department called home.  Fami...

Rainy season is here again and usually when it starts to rain moms experience a number of challenges in her department called home.  Family’s health and whole well-being may be compromised because of this season.  Common colds and flu are, well, common because bacteria are easier to spread when it’s in a moist or damp environment.  And this is what I fear about laundry too!  Bacteria, because of the rainy season is the cause of malodor or Kulob on indoor dried clothes.  Ayoko pa naman talaga ng kulob because sino ba naman ang may gusto nito right?  It really smells awful and it also could reflect the kind of care that I do for my family.  Naku, my husband pa naman is soooo particular about scent of fresh laundered clothes.  So BIG NO to kulob sa family namin.

Buti na lang I discovered Downy Expert Kontra Kulob!  When it mentioned Kontra Kulob, sabi ko it’s really worth a try.  Totoo nga kaya?

Downy Expert Kontra Kulob is Downy’s newest variant specifically for indoor drying lalo na ngayong maulan. I’ve been using another variant of Downy, but this variant is amazing because of its 20x more anti-bacterial properties, this just means maraming germs and bacteria ang na-cocombat to prevent kulob-smelling clothes.

Lately, ulan nang ulan and we have water shortage.  So we only get to wash our clothes at night. How will I dry it?  Walang araw, maulan, and I have no confidence drying it outdoor at night.  Plus the fear of kulob-smelling clothes – nightmare yun!  So sakto because I was able to test the effectiveness of Downy Expert Kontra Kulob.

Effective nga ba?  A resounding YES!!!!

The test or experiment went like this, I used another fabric conditioner with half of the laundry and the other half with Downy.  I dried a few of both samples inside our restroom and let it stay overnight!  The following day, when I smelled it, amoy kulob talaga yung mga hindi ko ginamitan ng Downy.  While the pieces of clothes I used with Downy smelled fresh as if dried outdoors under the sun!  I also couldn’t believe it at first because, really?  Walang Kulob at all?!

Here’s how I tested it further, pinasuot ko sa son ko ang uniform I dried indoor with Downy Expert Kontra Kulob.  He’s the best person to test because whole day suot ang uniform, he’s a guy who sweats more, he’s a basketball player, who changes uniform and packs used uniform in his bag for hours before he comes home at night.  Yan ang total stress test!  When I got his used uniform out of his bag (na definitely nakulob lalo), seriously, it still smelled fresh!  That’s how I knew itong Downy variant na ang gagamitin naming staple fabric conditioner for indoor drying!  
Tried and tested!  Is it really effective?  With the stress test I did, YES it definitely is!  I also couldn’t believe it so myself at first, pero wow!  Napabilib ako sobra after using and testing it!  Guaranteed kabog na kabog (like pagkabog ni Vice Ganda) ang kulob!
Now I am more confident with my laundry’s odor freshness even if it’s already the rainy season and especially even if we dry clothes indoor (without electric fan pa)!  I highly recommend this to meticulous and caring moms like me to try it for yourselves, to experience and test it, to smell it, and feel more confident about your laundry!  If you really love your family and want the best for them, clothes included of course, together, let’s Kabog the Kulob with Downy Expert Kontra Kulob!

This variant of Downy is available in all leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide in 23ml/36ml sachets, 720ml refill, 800ml bottle, and 1.45ml refill!  For more information and updates please follow Downy Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.  Follow the Kontra Kulob movement via hashtags #DownyKontraKulob #KabogAngKulob .

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