Welch's Celebrates 150 Years, Advocates Heathier Nutritional Choices For Family

I admit that I just started to take health and wellness MORE seriously for my family when I became a stay at home mom.  That was also w...

I admit that I just started to take health and wellness MORE seriously for my family when I became a stay at home mom.  That was also when I appreciated what my mom used to do for us and my kids too as far as food preparation's concerned.  Today, I am for healthier choices for the family, especially that I am also not getting any younger.
Welch's 100% Grape Juice Celebrates 150 Years!
Some of our household nutritional staples are fruits, vegetables, less oil when cooking, lots of water intake, and natural juices.  For juice, one of the healthiest for us is Welch's 10% Grape Juice.  For 150 years, Welch’s has brought to millions of homes around the world the natural goodness of grape juice. In the Philippines, Welch’s brand is synonymous to sharing to loved ones – from parents to kids, from grandparents to grandkids, from friends to neighbors – only the best that nature can offer.

I was also surprised that Welch's has been around for 150 years and to celebrate it and remind moms about making healthier choices for the family, they organized an event where Ms. Paz Sales, a certified nutritionist showed the current bad eating habits of Filipinos and how to overcome them, the importance of healthy eating is while including Welch's in a family's diet. 
I am blessed to have been invited to learn and also discover ways how to prepare healthy food using Welch's Grape Juice as demonstrated by Chefs Peachy Mathay and Trisha Ocampo.
Attendees also got to learn from social media celebrity moms Frances Sales and Aliza Apostol as they shared some of their healthy family traditions, challenges, and advice.
I was in attendance with some of my mom friends with whom I share the same belief when it comes to choosing healthier nutrition for our family.
“Welch’s is an advocate of better nutritional choices for families all over the world. To celebrate its 150 years, we continue the tradition of encouraging more people to lead a healthy lifestyle, and it starts with the food and beverage that we consume,” says Erika Rodriguez, VP for Marketing of Gemco, the Philippine marketing agent of Welch’s International.  “Even amidst our busy lifestyle, moms must make sure that our family – especially the growing kids – only get the best when it comes to nutrition.”

On the part of its Philippine distributor, Fly Ace Corporation, President Lucio ‘Jun’ Cochanco Jr. said that they are proud to carry Welch’s as it is not only a heritage brand but also one that is popular among Filipino families.  “We celebrate with Welch’s as it marks 150 years. It is a product that we are proud of since it is well loved because of its nutritional values and the natural goodness that it gives to consumers. Moving forward, we want more Filipinos to share in the joy of drinking Welch's together especially during special occasions and family moments.”

Why Choose Welch's 100% Grape Juice?
- Opening a bottle of Welch’s 100% Grape Juice is like unleashing the power of ‘purple’ in every sip.  - Welch’s is vitamin-packed and 100% natural with no artificial coloring and sugar.
- Made from Concord grapes known for containing natural sugars that is unlikely to raise one’s blood sugar significantly.
- A glass of Welch's 100% Grape Juice supports a healthy heart because of its polyphenols an antioxidant.
- It tastes delicious especially when chilled.

This is why, I also prepare my son's #WesBaonToday with a bottle of healthy Welch's grape juice or cranberry juice and also their yummy Fruit Snacks!
“Each bottle of Welch’s is made from Concord grapes, assuring moms that they give their kids a large, concentrated amount of polyphenols which a natural plant nutrient that plays a key role in supporting a healthy heart.  These same polyphenols contribute to the antioxidant power of 100% grape juice,” adds Erika.

To illustrate, Welch’s juice uses the entire Concord grape – skin, seeds and all – to release the plant’s true polyphenol power. In fact, at least 20 grapes are squeezed into each 4-ounce glass.  Imagine the vitamins and minerals in each glass of Welch’s that has nurtured generations of families not only in the Philippines but all over the world.

For more information about the 150 years of Welch’s and how to know the different ways to enjoy 100% natural grape juice, visit www.welchs.com or follow Welch’s PH in Facebook and IG. Welch’s fruit drinks and snacks are distributed by Fly Ace Corporation and available in leading retail stores nationwide.

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