A New Christmas Activity Using Iced Gem Biscuits

This year's Christmas is different from my usual Christmases in the past 15 or more years.  I used to receive Christmas baskets full of ...

This year's Christmas is different from my usual Christmases in the past 15 or more years.  I used to receive Christmas baskets full of goodies for our Noche Buena, receive 13th month pay, and multiple bonuses among other things.  Last and this year is different because I now live under the economy of God, I'm also fully dependent on my husband, and I'm a newly anointed stay-at-home-mom.

I have less, but I now live MORE!  I do because I seize every moment I have with my family.  I am grateful to have an opportunity to be MORE PRESENT now for my kids more than ever.  By being more present, we get to do things together and the bond is stronger than before.

Recently, one of our bonding activities is decorating a gingerbread house using Iced Gem Biscuits.  Iced Gem Biscuits is one of my childhood favorites which I'm glad still exists to this day for my younger kids to enjoy!  Now they continue to amaze me and the little ones by coming up with a great idea of decorating a gingerbread house.  This is definitely a first for me and my kids and worth remembering.

Sharing with you how we did it:

You'll need gingerbread house structures, sugar icing to bond the house, some decorative candy sprinkles or mallows, and of course ICED GEM BISCUITS.
Using sugar icing, pipe a generous amount on different corners to bond the gingerbread house together.  Let it dry a bit. 
While waiting it to dry, why not have some ICED GEM BISCUITS to energize you and your kids!
Using the same sugar icing, dab on ICED GEM BISCUITS bottoms as you put them on your gingerbread house to decorate it.  Put on the roof, on the wall, on the door, on the sides, and practically in any part you want to decorate your house with.
Next, we had an extra gingerbread Christmas Tree to decorate too!  Let's use candy sprinkles and mallows to make it a merry Christmas Tree.
TADAH!  Here's our decorated gingerbread house using ICED GEM BISCUITS!
It felt so good to be able to accomplish something creative with your kids such as this Christmas activity.  Why?  We brainstormed how our gingerbread house will look like, we decorated together, and lastly, we ate Iced Gem Biscuits and our gingerbread house together too!

We've also started a new Christmas tradition, thanks to Iced Gem Biscuits who by the way launched this Gingerbread House Decorating Contest!
We were really so proud and happy about the outcome of our decoated gingerbread house using Iced Gem Biscuits.  It was a first for us and definitely won't be our last!

Want to start a new Christmas activity with your kids?  Try getting creative with your kids this season using Iced Gems Biscuits too!  This is where fun and memorable stuff are made of, it's not how many or how much you have, it's actually being present and doing things with them that makes every moment special, such as this!

Iced Gems Biscuits is available in SM Supermarket branches, SM Hypermarket, Unimart, Cherry Foodarama, Robinsons supermarket (selected outlets), South Supermarket, Landmark, Collonade supermarket Cebu, Jayniths, Puregold, NCC Mall, Waltermart, Mercury drugstore, and Unitop.  For more information and updates, like/follow them on social media www.facebook.com/icedgembiscuits and IG:@icedgembiscuits.  You could also check their stories with their hashtags: #IcedGemBiscuits #Christmas2019 #GingerbreadHousePh

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