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In this season of giving and merriment, one of the things that come to mind is giving meaningful yet practical Christmas gifts to our lov...

In this season of giving and merriment, one of the things that come to mind is giving meaningful yet practical Christmas gifts to our loved ones.  When you say meaningful, you really think of the receiving end not what is just convenient for you.  Tip ko, to know if what you're giving will be well-appreciated, you ask yourself these questions:

If I receive my own gift, will I appreciate it?
Will my gift be really used?
Is this something he/she/they will like?
Will this just add clutter?

If you're satisfied with your own answers, then you've passed the meaningful gifts tests.  One of the meaningful gifts you could give this Christmas is the gift of food!  Food is consumable, it will not be just a clutter to one's home, it's practical, and it's something that can be shared.  Afterall, that's what Christmas is all about giving, sharing, and loving!  All because the true star of the season was born, Jesus Christ!

For this, give a special gift of love through food.  Choose Virginia Chistmas Bag Of Treats!

If you're looking for a thoutful yet convenient way to make someone feel special with your love gift this Christmas, food is always the way to go!  I'm glad to know that Virginia Food, Inc. has us modern Filipino families who are intentional and also budget-conscious in mind when they came up with giving affodable yet thoughful gifts to ou loved ones, family, friends, and colleagues too!

For as low as Phop150 you could already put a smile on someone's face, pinch someone's heart, and make tummies full!  A happy Christmas indeed right?

Here are the available Virginia Christmas Bag of Treats:

Here are the reasons why I recommend Virginia Christmas Bag Of Treats:

1. It's affordable.  As mentioned, you could get these gift bags for as low as Php150.  They have Php250 and Php350 bags also available with different delicious concent.  So whatever fits your budget, they have something for you.

2. You're assured of quality meats.  Virginia Food Inc. has been around for quite sometime since it started its operations in 1992.  It envisions to be the ultimate food solution making sure all their products are well-researched and developed by passionate and goal-oriented professionals who all want to make sure every Filipino household is happy with their meat products.
3.  It's locally made.  Yes, 100% Filipino company with its plant based in Compostela, Cebu and corporate office in Cebu City.  Local companies and products are close to my heart that's how they caught my attention as well.  Let's all support local who gives back to the community.
4.  It's convenient.  They continuously improve their distribution channels that's why they made it convenient for us to try their products.  They are available to be purchased online via their website, Shopee and Lazada.  

5.  Discounts and Free Delivery options.  For a minimum spend of P199 (from Shopee) you can already enjoy FREE delivery.  You can also get discount vouchers too (Php25, Php50, and Php100 off for a minimum spend of Php250, 500, and 1000).  Who doesn't love freebies and discounts right?  Ganyan tayong mga practical mommies!

6.  It's delicious!  I've tried their hotdogs before, super quality pasado!  I've also tried their Chicken Pear-shaped ham.  It's tasty, the meat is tender and masarap talaga!  

Speaking of Christmas Hams, Virginia Food Inc. also has this season's hams which you could also order online!  So convenient right?

I also received some of their Christmas Hams:
What I love about hams, they are also versatile!  Pwedeng breakfast, lunch, dinner and even merienda!  Pair it with rice or sandwich, add cheese or pineaple slices or bits!  Plus you can also include this in your Chrismas Noche Buena grazing table ha, add crackers, raisins, olives, cheese, speads, pretzels, and anything that can satisfies your taste!  I'm grateful for all these hams because I can also extend the blessing to others.  

These season's best hams from Viginia ae available also online.  Check them here:

When I checked their website, I was surprised to know that they have different brands under their company, they carrry the following brands as well:
- Stefan's Delicatessen
- New Yorker
- Virginia
- Big Shot Hotdog
- El Rancho
- Australian
- Winner
- Champion
- Vinta

Plus, they also offer Party Packages too for as low as Php2,500 servicing selected cities!  They have the following party combos ready to make your gathering extra special:
- Virginia French Fries and Hotdog Combo
- Virginia Spaghetti and Hotdog Combo
- Virginia Complete Party Packages

All packages come with 30 minutes mascot appearance that can put a big smile on every child in attendance.  More details here:

Indeed it's a merry Christmas with a Virginia Christmas Bag of Treats!  Make a family happy, kids smile, and tummies full with a gift of Virginia!  It's convenient, it's affordable, and indeed a practical gift idea you could give your loved ones not only this Christmas but for the rest of the year!

For more information visit their website and social media channels:

To purchase, check out their online shops:

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