Protect Family’s Clothes from Germs with Downy AntiBac with the Power of Safeguard

Laundry.  These days I have to do it more often now as before.  I’m sure most of you could relate to this.  Why?  Because I believe all moms...

Laundry.  These days I have to do it more often now as before.  I’m sure most of you could relate to this.  Why?  Because I believe all moms are seguristas.  We don’t want newly laundered clothes smelling as if they have been used already.  Kaya minsan inuulit ko.  Hassle diba?  I discovered that bad smelling clothes or amoy kulob is not because of sweat.  Ang bad odor ng clothes are caused by GERMS!  Yes!  That’s true.  Kaya naman my laundry partners play an important role in making sure that my family’s clothes are germ protected.  For this I use Downy Antibac with the power of Safeguard.

Downy Antibac with the power of Safeguard

As a busy work at home mom of three boys, sa totoo lang, my greatest challenge when it comes to laundry is when they really smell.  Hindi ko ma-take!  I used to repeat washing the clothes that still smell even if I’ve already washed and dried them.  Such a waste of water, time, energy, and resources.  Not practical at all.  Nakaka-disappoint.  When I heard about Downy Antibac, I gave it a try instantly and the results were impressive.

Fresh-smelling clothes.
When clothes smell good, it says a lot about a person’s hygiene right?  That’s what I teach my kids.  This is one area where Downy Antibac helps me.  It makes sure that my family’s clothes smell fresh with every cycle!  Not only that!  Even if it stays long in the closet, the fresh scent lasts for weeks!  Hindi amoy aparador!
Downy Antibac with the power of Safeguard

More Hugs.
Because clothes not only smell fresh but are soft to touch, my kids always say ang sarap naman i-hug ni Mommy!  Hindi nila alam mas masarap silang i-hug at masarap sa pakiramdam nating mga mommy ang nahu-hug!  Thanks to Downy’s effective fabric softener technology.  I get lots of tight hugs!
Downy Antibac with the power of Safeguard

More Time.
Because I work at home, time management is really important for me.  It’s really a waste whenever I repeat a chore like laundry just because it wasn’t done well the first time.  Dito ako hindi binigo ni Downy.  With just one cycle, clothes smell really fresh.  The odor caused by germs – gone!  Hindi ko na kailangang umulit ng paglalaba.  This means, more time for other important things such as play time, teaching time, and time for doing online work.
Downy Antibac with the power of Safeguard

These days, moms worry a lot about their family’s health and welfare.  We prioritize cleanliness, hygiene, and thus having the power of Safeguard in a fabric conditioner gives me peace of mind.  Knowing that our clothes will get the maximum protection it needs in every wash, ang lakas makapanatag ng loob ko.  When I learned that it kills 99.9% of germs that causes malodor in clothes, I didn’t think twice.  Sabi ko ito na talaga ang choice of fabric conditioner ko for my family.

I want to share with you the product test I did using Downy Antibac with the Power of Safeguard.  Watch til the end to see my usual laundry challenges, how Downy helped me with these, and if it really is effective.

So mga busy and mindful mommies, if you want fresh-smelling clothes, more hugs, more time, and germ-protected clothes for your family, try Downy Antibac with the power of Safeguard.  It’s a practical and highly effective laundry partner that will give you the peace of mind you deserve knowing that it kills 99.9% germs causing malodor in clothes.

Downy Antibac with the power of Safeguard is available online via Lazada, Shopee, also in leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide.  For more information, follow @DownyPhilippines onFacebook and Instagram.

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  1. Super agree to this!
    Downy user for my family. :)


    Life is Sweet

  2. Margaux Hemady - RañosaJune 5, 2020 at 9:14 PM

    ive been using downy with safe guard.. it is my fave among the variants!! ewan ko there's this assurance for me.. alamo na safeguard din kasi

  3. I usually laundry our clothes in the evening para I let it dry overnight. I hang it sa laundry room with sobrang konting ventilation lang. Two variants meron ako lagi, yung Sunrise Fresh if air dry sila outside, and pag ganyan na sa loob ng bahay Downy Antibac gamit ko. Never nagkaroon ng kulob na amoy. Mabango pa din ang clothes.

  4. Iba ang amoy Downy! You can really tell the difference kung walang downy ang nilabahan.


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