Keeping Family Safe and Healthy at Home during ECQ.

It's been more than two months since we've been on quarantine and gladly forced to stay home because of the pandemic.  It's norm...

It's been more than two months since we've been on quarantine and gladly forced to stay home because of the pandemic.  It's normal for many moms to prepare and get worried for the future, the safety and health of her loved ones, and how to keep everyone busy and adapt to the situation.

Since then I noticed that all of us have heavily relied on online learning, online gaming, online entertainment, online teaching, and even I upgrade my skills and do meetings online.  I guess this is the new normal for many - to do a lot of things virtually.  And not to my surprise, it's doable!  But we've got to have a faster and reliable internet connection right mommies?

There are two things that's on top of my worry list: my kids' health (vaccines, what if they get sick or had an accident, etc) and education.  Since we now get many information. entertainment, and inspiration from resources online, I get some peace of mind  knowing there are doctors doing online consultations whether on social media and even through Viber.

For my personal welfare, I do self-caring and I always encourage other moms to do so.  I wrote 100 Things To Do At Home on my blog for moms who get anxious thinking "oh my, what am I going to do next?" I personally also refer to that list, it's like a personal list which I made into a blog post.  I'm also happy I'm part of Mommy Mundo's community that helps me keep my sanity with their weekly themed mindfulness activities and live talks.  They also invite experts to talk about what moms like me worry mostly about, kids and health.  They are coming up with another one which will be helpful in answering most of medical related questions from worried moms.

Mommy Mundo will have an e-health consultation series powered by PLDT Home.  Join the #StayHealthy Moms! Facebook Live on their Facebook Page  Here's the schedule:

May 26, Tuesday (11 am - 12nn)
Natural Nutrition vs. Supplements in Boosting a Child's Immune System
Dr. Gellina Maala with Mikaela Lagdameo 
May 28, Thursday (11am - 12nn)
Decoding the Germ Code: Understanding the Difference between viral and bacterial diseases.
Dr. Andrea Carag with Riki Flo

I'm thankful that a lot of organizations, brands, and communities such as Mommy Mundo are offering free webinars, consultations, and talks that make mom lives a little bit easier.  Thanks also to PLDT Home's #StayHomeSeries for understanding us moms and answering to the call for trusted resources that we could all listen to and believe.  Spread the word momma! :)

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