“After the storm is gone” is a phrase I frequently say to family and friends whom I haven’t seen for so long due to the global situation we ...

“After the storm is gone” is a phrase I frequently say to family and friends whom I haven’t seen for so long due to the global situation we are all enduring.  We all wish for this pandemic to be over and we always think of things to do, well, after the storm is gone.

I like saying those words because for me, it’s like saying there’s HOPE.  Hoping for something good to happen after an unpleasant experience is a sign that we still believe there will always be a brighter tomorrow.  Afterall, the sun always appears after the storm.  I look forward to that day.

I am sure you are too.  I am also sure, you have a list of people to visit, places to go, and things to do when it’s safer to do so.  Let me share with you mine.

After the storm is gone…

  • Health Check for Dad - I will bring my senior citizen dad to a clinic for his annual executive check-up.  He hasn’t been going out since the lockdown.  We don’t want to risk bringing him out without the vaccine yet.  Better safe than sorry. 
  • House Tripping – Apart from getting inspirations from websites like my favorite, Pinterest, we want to finally take the house tripping we initially booked with a real estate company.  There’s a row of luxury houses we’ve been wanting to visit to add inspiration as we plan for our own house.  The houses look like those in – beautiful and posh!
  • Go to Boracay – There was an online travel fair last December when flights and hotel accommodations were on SALE!  Travel period is for quarter 3 and 4 of 2021.  I already booked flights for the family to celebrate the birthdays of my sons in Boracay.   Going to Boracay to celebrate a special occasion has been our family tradition.  I can’t wait for all these to be over so we could go back to the normal we all know. 
  • Travel to Japan or Korea – I am a self-confessed KDrama addict especially since the pandemic happened and we’re all advised to stay home for safety.   And I’ve always told my husband that I want to go to Korea to actually experience the culture, food, and places featured in the TV series I watch.  I also want to see, touch, and form angel wings on snow and I can do this in Japan or Korea during winter.  I can’t wait for travel bans to be lifted soon.
  • Second Honeymoon – My husband and I both agree that we need a break soon, well after the storm Is totally gone!  A much-needed break where it’s just the two of us.  Ever since we had kids, we’ve been too occupied with our roles as provider, nurturer, and teacher, that we rarely have time alone with each other.  The kids are less clingy and more independent so a 7-day cruise would be okay.  We could even extend and visit his favorite aunt in Orlando and finally book a stay at Orlando Resorts Rental.  His aunt has been bugging him about it and said that she’ll take care of the expenses!  No-brainer of course it’s a YES to that invitation.

But all these after the storm is gone.

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