We Almost Left for Canada.

More than a decade ago, I almost accepted a job I was offered in Canada.  The job opportunity just came to me and my then-boyfriend-now-husb...

More than a decade ago, I almost accepted a job I was offered in Canada.  The job opportunity just came to me and my then-boyfriend-now-husband.  We didn’t really apply for it.  I’ve always believed that some opportunities knock just once, that’s why we grabbed it right away without any second thoughts.

We were supposed to migrate here - Edmonton, Alberta, CA

It just sank in to me a few days after submitting the required documents to our employer that this decision would also mean leaving everyone and everything behind.  Back then our eldest was just two years old and I couldn’t bring him with me.  I suddenly doubted my decision.

Part of me wanted to pursue that dream of finally being able to give our family a better future.  But the larger part of me didn’t want to leave my son.  The contract with our supposed employer stated that we’d have free board and lodging, and meals for the two-years we’ll be working for them.  But that we cannot bring the rest of the family just yet.

To cut the long story short, maybe also due to some divine intervention, we didn’t leave for Canada because of employer-related issues with some of the applicants in the batch we were supposed to leave with that year.  I may doubt my decision, but never the plans of God for me.  I knew it wasn’t for us.  We were able to let go of it without a heavy heart.  But there were some what ifs. 

Should everything had ran smoothly before:

I must now be a mortgage professional.  We were supposed to be hired for a mortgage company because of my past working experience in this field before.  I had little but for sure I’ll learn fast, like I always do.  And as long as there are CRM tools such as Blumortgage.ca that’ll make data entries easier, schedules, and tasks easier, I’d be able to ace this job.

My husband must now be a top commercial agent.  I must’ve shared about our dream house many times in this blog.  And a huge part of the planning and knowing what’s a good deal or not because my husband has a huge interest in residential and commercial real estates.  Finding a job opportunity in this field wouldn’t be hard especially if one has an experience and as long as there’s a site such as Truvizo that bridges buyers or leasers to commercial agents.

Our kids’ health care and education are guaranteed free.  This was one of the most important considerations we were weighing on before.  But I just couldn’t leave my toddler back then, I. Just. Can’t.  If there’s one regret, maybe it would be this.

We’d be eating healthier.  I know so because my relatives would always share how important food safety and high-quality food is brought to the tables in every home is in Canada because of regulations set by their Food, Health & Consumer Products of Canada.  We are what we eat so we want to always eat healthy, to be healthy. 

We must be vaccinated by now.  Canada being one of the advanced and first world countries has better and faster access to health improvements, treatments, or prevention such as vaccines. 


We almost left for Canada, but didn’t.  Maybe it wasn’t really meant for us, but who knows maybe when all of these are over, we’ll pay a visit to our relatives and my best friend in Vancouver.   

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