MOM TIP: Practicing Self-Love Even On Busy Days

Motherhood is the most fulfilling yet the busiest job. Everyday We are engaged in so many duties to perform. We do household chores left and...

Motherhood is the most fulfilling yet the busiest job. Everyday We are engaged in so many duties to perform. We do household chores left and right, take good care of our kids, do the laundry, prepare delicious meals for our family and wash the dishes. Mostly, We are also the finance manager who balances the expenses of the family. Multi-tasking is really our thing.


Let me first share with you my usual everyday routine. My day starts at 7AM. I prepare our breakfast, as well as the things that my husband needs for work. Of course, I should not forget the three most important things he should be wearing while at work during these days. Face shield, face mask and alcohol to keep him protected.

After eating and when husband leaves for work, I wash the dishes then take a bath with my little one. Following that we play with toys, read books, and teach alphabet, numbers, and shapes.  Without realizing it, it’s time for lunch.  I cook for lunch which will also be served for dinner.  This practical tip is to help save time, effort as well gas consumption when preparing dishes.

Yesterday, while waiting for our dish to be cooked, I wondered how meat processors pack our meats. I learned a lot online how this is done by Stemmlers Meat Processors.  Now I understand and am truy amazed how much hard work is put into it.

After lunch, dish duties, my favorite, and make my little one take afternoon nap.  That’s the only time I get to do my thing like laundry or my content creation and PR work.  Snacks follow when my child wakes up.

Dinner time is my most-awaited because it’s when my husband arrives and we get to talk about how our day went.  And when everyone’s asleep at night, I get to have my peace and quiet where I accomplish a few things for my blog or small PR consultancy business. 

To some, my typical day may sound trivial, but there are some things I want to share on how to still keep sane and how to practice self-love amidst the busyness of our mom-life.


  • DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF - Ask for help. Yes we are strong but we are only human . Let your husband or anyone around the house takeover. Take a deep breath and have some rest.
  • MAKE A WEEKLY BUDGET and MEAL PLAN -  This is to avoid unnecessary expenses and food waste.
  • INVEST IN ORGANIZERS - If everything is well-organized, this may save time and give you inner peace when you are doing the house chores.  If you are planning to make furniture pallets for your home, consider having plastic pallets instead of wood because it is more durable and easier to clean. You may check Jeco Plastics for customized plastic pallets.
  • CONSIDER EMP SHIELDING - This is to ensure that your home is protected from lightning, power surges and electromagnetic pulse.
  • HAVE SOME ME-TIME - Put yourselves back, freshen up and give possible chances to cope up with all the obstacles that might come your way.
Hope this helps you tired mommas out there!  Remember you're not alone in this journey called motherhood.  

“We Mothers might get tired physically everyday, but our love for our family will never be fade.”

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