Have you ever thought about life after Pandemic? Many of us have settled on the idea of the current being the new normal especially that the...

Have you ever thought about life after Pandemic? Many of us have settled on the idea of the current being the new normal especially that the lockdown seems to be extending much longer than we anticipated.

I get it. 

When people are living a certain way for much too long, we become familiar with the conditions set and we adapt to it and accept it as what is.

But it isn’t what is. 

Unpopular as this view may be, the situation we are in right now is only temporary. Maybe we won’t be giving up wearing masks and face shields soon, but just as with any pandemic that has hit the planet, the virus will go away (or our bodies will develop immunity to it) and we will do away with the masks, and we will be able to walk the streets and interact the way we used to.

Regardless of which, there are many things to learn about the pandemic and the standstill to which it has brought us. Three things stand out in my mind - Health, Income, and the Future.

Firstly, that the pandemic has made us more aware of how valuable health is and how easily our lives can go poof, just like that. Our search for the perfect diet has gone beyond the size of our waistlines to being mindful of what the food we eat does to our body.

Browsing through the web in my free time, I’ve come across many different recommended diets. From the currently popular Keto diet to vegan diets. The amazing thing about what’s happened in the lockdown is how the food industry has found its way online and have made it easier for busy people like us to access our food preferences.

Nowadays, food services not only offer fast food, but also grocery items, fine food, 100% natural meat and organic food items, to gluten free delivery services, which I think is simply fantastic! It makes it easy for me to take care of my children’s meals without feeling guilty that I’m serving them unhealthy junk!

Then I thought about income flow. Let’s face it, it sucks for the global economy. Even well-known companies are closing down in different locations, leaving behind a workforce scampering for whatever they can find in order to provide for their families.

Which brings me to my point. Income is important. And the internet brings in the solution - entrepreneurship! The web carries with it a good wealth of resources and options to help us put together a business. What a great time to teach the kids how to put up and run one!

For instance, I was going through this website,, and thought doing shirt designs is a great idea for young startups.

Kids love shirts! They wear them all the time. And what better way to come up with designs for them but to ask the wearer themselves, and they can take part in the creative process while you teach them the other aspects in running the biz.

Lastly, I thought about the future. Regardless of whether we are staying home the entire time, our clocks have not, so we can’t shove planning for the future aside while we wait this pandemic out, can we?

Have you ever imagined the things you’ll do once your nest empties? Do you dream of traveling with your husband? Do you have a bucket list of things to do when you finally have the time to do them? How about where you plan to settle and live the rest of your years?

Hawaii is nice. I came upon, which is a real estate site that has an incredible listing of abodes to consider. I can’t help but imagine my older self sipping on fresh juices while hanging out at beaches every day. What a life that would be! That’s just one option, of course.

Being in a pandemic is not an excuse not to continue living. Every situation offers opportunities and it’s up to us to take them and make them into something much more. Life is life. We have to learn to ride its waves and learn the lessons and pass these wisdom to our children.

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