My Nice-To-Haves For Our Own House Someday

Every newly-wed couples dream of having their own homes for their family to live in.  Well, that’s the way it really should be.  But, living...

Every newly-wed couples dream of having their own homes for their family to live in.  Well, that’s the way it really should be.  But, living in the Philippines, where it’s culturally accepted that married couples still live with their parents, sometimes delays that plan or that dream.  And why not?  It’s practical, it’s convenient, and having your extended family around you makes it a livelier and safer environment to live in.


But personally, no matter how it’s more practical to just live with our parents, we still believe that every family unit should have their own place of dwelling.   That’s what we’re aiming for.  We still live with my dad, who’s widowed by my mom a few years ago.  I can’t just leave him because I look after my senior citizen father.  But as a Christian, I know that we have to leave and cleave.  This means, once married, we should leave our parents and cleave or live with our spouses.  Given that, we’ve prayed hard for this plan to happen, and though there’s still no finality (that’s why I still haven’t shared it publicly).

Sharing today some of the nice to haves in our very own home someday:

  • Swimming pool – I am a water baby and I love swimming.  It’s the only sport I know I am quite good at.  It would be really nice to have your own pool where I could do my daily lapses and even teach my younger kids how to swim.  Especially these past few months when we’re staying home most of the time due to the pandemic.  Having our own pool could most probably help me keep a fitter body.
  • Multi-media studio – For those of you who still don’t know, my husband and I are bandmates since 2006.  We used to perform in bars, hotel lounges, and private events.  My husband is a musician and I am a vocalist.  We’d love to have a small multimedia room where we could record songs, do our vlog filming, record voice overs, and teach our kids to play the instrument.
  • A basketball court – My eldest is a basketball player and dreams to be a professional player someday.  A basketball court that has a Calhoun Cover-All so he could play with his dad or his teammates rain or shine.  This cover-all on our court could also have many uses such as when gathering is permitted, we could hold parties for families and friends during special occasions.

  • Bath Tub – It may be hard to maintain, but I still want a tub in our master’s bedroom!  That tub should of course have a heating system that’s useful especially on colder days.  I saw that it’s possible to equip existing water pipelines with this technology here:

  • Solar panels – We go inspired by the house of #TeamKramer where they used solar panel technology to power their lighting and home appliances.  I also wish the same for our own home.  I also researched that there’s another technology where hydro solar air can turn to water heat pump.  How cool is that?  Now that’s what my swimming pool and bath tub needs!

I’ll be sharing our house pegs in the blog soon.  Meanwhile, how nice it really is to plan for your very own dwelling right?  If you’ve experienced day dreaming and wish listing like this, please do share! 

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