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Hello loves!  If you’ve noticed, I’ve been updating my blog with fresh content on my thoughts about life in the pandemic.  I also talk about...

Hello loves!  If you’ve noticed, I’ve been updating my blog with fresh content on my thoughts about life in the pandemic.  I also talk about our family dreams and how to achieve them.  I just realized that I haven’t been blogging as much as I used to and I feel sad about that.  My 2020 had been busy with many campaigns that involved social media that I kind of neglected my blog.  I’m happy with those campaigns but not about how I parked writing on his space which I was first known for.

I remember when I was just starting, I used to invest my time in following other bloggers, researching about their success stories, doing what they said were effective to drive readers, and even reading a lot about SEO.  I even checked out Ignite Digital, an SEO company based in Toronto that offers services for digital content creators and website owners such as myself.  I learned a thing or two about optimizing my content, have a website analysis, and see self-check on areas I need to improve on.  Learning something new got me really excited.

That’s also the reason in less than a year, my blog rang a bell to brands and PRs who got me as their brand ambassador.  Everything was new to me then, being a beginner in the industry which only started as a passion for writing and sharing experiences that other moms could relate.

So why did I lay low on writing last year?  I know I shouldn’t.  But as a human being finding her way how to get through the pandemic, I got side-tracked and lost focus.  Then I was again reminded of my whys for doing this and being in this digital world.  What’s my purpose?  What again is my WHY for content creation.  I want to go back to the times I was starting when the zest and excitement for writing used to put me on fire!  I guess I need some kind of a force gauge that may be applied to digital assessment or measurement of push and pull into creating content.  So that when I see my force or efforts aren’t enough, it will signal me to find balance and exert more to be able to bring my writing dojo back.  But the good news is, it’s coming back and I am happy that you are here right now to read my thoughts about this.

But good news is, I plan to be more active again.  Go back to my whys, write about my experiences as a mom of boys, as a former single mom, and as a person who activates practical living.  I am sure if you’ve been a follower of my blog since I started in 2012, you’ll be guaranteed value-adding content.  Who knows I might have big brand clients again who’ll need my blog services like how it used to be in the glory days of blogging?  I’m excited to be signing contracts once more where I’ll need legal assistance such as Kazmi Law to notarize my MOAs!  Well, that’s cherry on top of my writing cake!  For now, let me ease back to my first love in the digital content creation, blogging.

Happy mid-week everyone!  

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