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It’s one thing that we’ve decided to finally move out of where we currently live, and another thing to actually process the purchasing of la...

It’s one thing that we’ve decided to finally move out of where we currently live, and another thing to actually process the purchasing of land, talking to contractors, and computing all costs.  It may be a tedious series of processes in buying a house but my husband and I look forward to the brighter side.  What’s that?  It gets us excited to look for home pegs on Pinterest, look for house inspirations on some port credit townhomes listings that makes our hearts giddy at the sights of wonderful homes for sale.

Here are some of the houses we’re eying for:

If you would notice, we’re eyeing for just a perfectly sized house that would fit a family of five or maybe six.  It should have huge windows for lots of natural light to come in.  Ideally that house should have a lawn where the kids could run around and play and for me to put my plant collections.  If we could afford it, and I think there’s nothing wrong about dreaming big, I would like for us to have a swimming pool.   I must have shared a couple of times how much my kids and I love swimming.  A pool would be really nice to have.  We may not be able to achieve it right now, but who knows?  Maybe in the future right?  Definitely, there should be a two-vehicle parking space and a driveway as well.  For my boys, we cannot leave the basketball court of the equation.

Now, from the exterior, let’s paint the interior picture.  I’ve always been fascinated with the minimalistic modern Scandinavian interior designs.  This will be best for a well-lit interior.  I see macrame wall backdrops and plant hangers for my trailing indoor plants.  I can imagine lots of my big-leafed plants enjoying its presence as complementing focal points in the living room.   The couch should be comfortable, spacious, and have lots of soft pillows and furry blanket on it.  Since we’ve started living intentionally, we want to have pieces of sustainable furniture in our house so that we help the environment and have a sense of giivng back.

Now let’s talk about security.

My husband takes special note on the family’s safety and security.  He plans to install security cameras or CCTVs in and out of our dream home.  This way we’ll be notified if ever there will be any intruders, trespassers or if there will be any incidents that may happen that needs documentation.  We’ve had this unfortunate experience before and this time we want to make it right.  My husband is even eyeing for the best crossbow cocking device for added protection.  But I said, maybe a steel baseball bat would do.  Of course, husbands and dads know best on protecting their families, so this I leave it up to him.


We’re just waiting for results of our housing loan applications to make all these dreams happen.  I’ll make sure to update my blog when we get our approval, when building finally happens, and when we’re going to have our housewarming too!

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