This pandemic has taught us to not only be frugal and wise in spending our money, but it also taught us not to let every opportunity to earn...

This pandemic has taught us to not only be frugal and wise in spending our money, but it also taught us not to let every opportunity to earn more money to just pass us by. We need more emergency funds as it is very obvious that this extraordinary time is here to stay longer than we expected. A good paying day job is not enough, we need to start side hustles which can allow us to earn extra money that can help achieve our financial goals faster - whether it's paying off the loans or saving for retirement.

Here are a three side hustles you can start today.

Online selling

If you have the skills to craft or create things to sell, then why not sell your products online? You can start getting creative and artistic with stationary and unique gifts, household items, printable and downloadable cards or activity sheets, and more. Using the internet to sell your own stuff offers a limitless potential to earn especially nowadays that the whole world is going online because of the pandemic.

One of the best stuff to create and sell online are shirts such as these Tee Rex tee anime t-shirts. Shirts never go out of style. Everyone from kids as young as 3 or 6 months to teens, to the yuppies and seniors – both male and female – they all use and love shirts because shirts are comfy to wear, versatile and you can always refashion them.


One of the coolest new ways to build a passive income is to rent out your property such as your house, your car or the tools you have at home. If you have properties and things that you don't use that often, you can rent it out to others. You can actually rent our anything and everything to others like what this best fiber blower rental is offering its customers.

From buildings, office spaces and houses, to power tools, home appliances and even fashion items; you can actually earn money by renting them out.

Sell your property

No one likes to get to this point of selling their property such as the home. But if you have a property that no longer generate income for you, you better let it go before its value depreciate more over time.

One good reason for selling properties you don’t always use is you are cutting unnecessary spending such as maintenance, insurances and taxes. It’s also no longer a wise move to continue paying for mortgages for a house or condo that no one lives or rents. Selling properties such as the house nowadays is so easy because there are online services such as these best cash buyers in Houston, which help you earn back of what you have invested the fast and easy way.

You can actually think of a lot of other ways to earn from side hustles. You just need to be creative and smart with your ideas.

Side hustles are actually empowering as you are having multiple sources of income and the extra money you earn can be used to build a wealth if you turn your side hustles into a job you love.

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