Practical Online Shopping Safety Tips

These days, almost, if not all, our transactions and purchases are done from home. Everything is available online - from grocery items to fo...

These days, almost, if not all, our transactions and purchases are done from home. Everything is available online - from grocery items to food deliveries, fashion and beauty needs, electronic products, furniture, appliances, toys, books, to online courses. Even job seekers and employers use the internet site like CruitScout for services. 

Online shopping popularity has increased and so have the risks. More people are trying to scam out of other people's money. How can we make sure that we shop safely online?

Here are the top 5 online shopping safety tips to consider.

Research online sellers to make sure they’re legitimate.

There are so many websites to go shopping. Some are independent online sellers. When using popular shopping sites, make sure to check if the sellers, similar to, are authorized and certified online retailer of the brands you are buying. You may also use apps provided directly by the retailers.

It is also important to check out the online reviews of the products and feedback on the sellers’ quality of services. Safe online shopping sites have their customer service contact number or email address readily available. 

Make sure the website and your WiFi connection is secure.

Check that the site is secure before doing any transaction. It is very important to limit your shopping only to encrypted websites. You should also make sure to be connected on a trusted WiFi network. Free or public WiFi is oftentimes vulnerable and might mean any information you send while connected to such networks can be accessed and be used by frauds.

Secure sites and connections can safeguard that your personal information, including your credit card details.

Beware of dream deals.

Counterfeit goods are hard to spot so being aware, researching where to buy the product, what the real thing would cost will give you an idea when the offer is too good to be true.

When goods are priced significantly lower than they should be, that should raise a flag about the authenticity of the item.

Know your rights and the company’s returns policy.

This is also one information you should find out before making a purchase online.  This is very important when you are making big purchases like electronic gadgets, appliances or jewelry items. What is the return policy? Do they provide a warranty for the products they sell?

Knowing the policy can help you if something is not delivered or the product arrives broken. In, if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase, you can make a return claim for refund.

Protect your personal information.

Protecting yourself when paying is very important as it can cause you a lot when your details are stolen. Use a credit card instead of a debit card as there are more consumer protection from scammers in credit cards in case something goes awry. You may opt to utilize online services like Paypal so you don’t have to give your credit card information directly. Also, do not overshare information like your mother’s maiden name or your birthday as no online shopping site needs them to do business. When possible, give as little personal data as possible.

Avoid shopping in public even if you are using your own laptop with VPN connection. It’s risky when you have to enter the credit card number, expiration date and 3-digit code while sitting in a public cafe. There’s a chance that these information can be seen and be used by other people so it is better to stay at home when doing online purchases.

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